Furi confirmed for release on Nintendo Switch Thursday January 11th, 2018.

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Furi is confirmed for release on Nintendo Switch next Thursday January 11th, 2018.
Our content complete, challenging dash-and-slash adventure will be available via the Nintendo eShop, priced at €19.99 /$19.99 /£17.99 .

Watch the game’s latest trailer here.
Furi’s release on Nintendo’s console is entirely feature complete. The Switch edition includes the boss roster-expanding “One More Fight” DLC, the option to speedrun its ultra-challenging Furier difficulty mode (never before available on console), and all improvements and updates previously added to the game.
We are available for interview about the Switch edition of Furi.
If you would like to review the game, let us know at magic@thegamebakers.com

Boss fight on the Go! Furi is coming to Switch early 2018

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Yeah, Furi is coming to Switch soon, early 2018. We have put a lot of effort in it, but we are very happy with the result!!

The game looks and plays great! The Switch version will include all the content that has been released for Furi across all platforms so far, as well as all even more optimization, bug fixes and other tweaks we have done over the last months. It’s a great package for Switch players.

Apart from the pleasure of having a whole bunch of new players discovering the game, we are also particularly happy as there was not one day when we didn’t receive a mail or a tweet from a fan asking for Furi on Switch. We heard them in particular talking about the pain of having to interrupt a fight because life was calling. Well now with the Switch, you can continue your boss fight on the go!

At The Game Bakers, we love the Switch and we play on it a lot, but we are particularly proud to bring a game like Furi on it. There are not many fast-paced arcade & action games on Switch so far!

The game will be priced $20/20€.
We will confirm shortly the release date.

The trailer is here:

The full press release is below.


November 30, 2017 – Indie developers The Game Bakers brings their ultra-fast-paced, combat-action hit Furi to Nintendo Switch.

Furi is all about the tension of one-on-one fights against imposing opponents over a mysterious quest for freedom. Praised for its unique mix of sword fighting and twin-stick shooting, Furi has been called “supremely stylish and intensely engaging” (Games Radar) and “tight and empowering” (Games™), and has garnered 92% in positive user reviews on Steam.

Watch the Switch announcement trailer for Furi here: https://youtu.be/CnN58Sh7ODY

With its stylish aesthetic and unique character design – by Takashi Okazaki, Afro Samurai’s creator – and its killer soundtrack featuring popular electro musicians Carpenter Brut, Danger and more, the game is a love letter to Japanese action games such as No More Heroes, Metal Gear Solid and Godhand.

“Furi is a game that’s constantly taunting you,” comments Emeric Thoa the game Creative Director. “There is something deeply personal about a boss fight: it’s just you against one opponent. And being interrupted is even more frustrating than losing. But with the Switch, you can take the game and all of its boss fights with you wherever you go. »

This feature-complete Nintendo Switch edition will be available early 2018, including all the content and improvements released so far for Furi.

Media contact: magic@thegamebakers.com



The Game Bakers is an independent game studio founded by Audrey Leprince and Emeric Thoa. To sum it up, they make their games like they cook their food: with a lot of love. They strive to bring gamers experiences that will be remembered long after the game is finished. Aside from Furi, their track record since going indie includes the SQUIDS tactical action series, available on mobile and Nintendo platforms, and the mobile brawler Combo Crew. TheGameBakers.com

Questions-Réponses sur l’industrie du jeu vidéo et les métiers

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[English below]

Tous les ans à cette période, je reçois des dizaines de candidatures d’élèves de 3ème qui veulent faire leur stage chez Game Bakers. Depuis quelques années j’ai aussi des demandes d’entretiens par des étudiants en IUT d’informatique, qui désirent poser des questions à un professionnel afin de dresser le portrait d’un métier lié à l’informatique.

Evidemment, je ne peux pas recevoir tous les élèves de 3ème, ni faire dix entretiens d’une heure auprès des étudiants. Mais j’aimerais proposer quelque chose cette année : un questions-réponses en live, sur Twitch, pendant lequel je répondrai aux questions des spectateurs connectés sur le chat ou à des questions que l’on m’aura préalablement envoyées par email, sur Twitter ou sur les commentaires de ce post.

Ce stream s’adresse à tous ceux qui sont intéressés par l’industrie du jeu vidéo, les métiers du jeu vidéo, les études pour intégrer cette industrie, les compétences requises pour trouver un emploi et s’y plaire. Une attention particulière sera portée aux questions des plus jeunes et des filles – à qui l’on veut parfois faire croire que l’informatique et les jeux vidéo sont des trucs de mecs.

Pour participer :

  • Envoyez vos questions par email à emeric (at) thegamebakers (.com) 
  • Envoyez vos questions par twitter @emericthoa
  • Envoyez vos questions en laissant un commentaire ici même.
  • Connectez-vous sur Twitch à cette adresse, samedi 25 novembre 2017 à 14h (début du twitch vers 14h15) :

A samedi !

Emeric – The Game Bakers

PS :
Sur le même sujet, un article à destination des étudiants qui veulent faire du jeu vidéo leur métier :

Et le référentiel métiers du jeu vidéo.

[For the english speakers]

I’m doing a Q&A about the game industry, the jobs, the schools, on twitch on saturday 25th. The goal is to answer questions from students and especially young ones (14/15 y.o.). It’s going to be in french only, but if many non-french speakers are interested I could do that again in english.

Offre de stage – Artiste 3D

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[***********************POSTE POURVU 30/08/2017***********************]

Nous recherchons un.e stagiaire artiste 3D, dont la mission sera de modéliser, texturer et intégrer des props et environnements de notre prochain jeu console et PC sous Unity.

Compétences :

  • Modélisation 3D et texturing (plutôt pour du traitement non réaliste).
  • Maitrise du pipeline graphique de Unity.
  • Connaissance des contraintes et techniques d’optimisation.
  • VFX et Shader sont toujours un plus !
  • Bases en animation sont aussi un plus.
  • Grande autonomie, polyvalence technique.

Il s’agit d’une mission qui peut se faire à distance en télétravail ou dans nos locaux à Montpellier.
Les deux tiers de l’équipe sont déjà « à distance », nous sommes organisés pour travailler en équipe de cette façon.

Poste :  Stage conventionné – Artiste 3D environnement

Dates :  Septembre 2017 à Février 2018 (4 à 6 mois, préférence 6 mois).

Lieu : A distance ou à Montpellier

Rémunération : Rémunération de stage conventionnelle (554€/mois)

Pour postuler : Portfolio et un petit mot à hello@thegamebakers.com

Merci de vos candidatures passionnées !

Furi Speedrun in Furier difficulty mode on Steam

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That’s it, the race for the best score at Speedrunning Furi in Furier difficulty is open!

For the Speedrunners on Steam looking for the extra challenge, we have released just now the Beta version of Furi with the Speedrun mode in Furier difficulty.  The One More Fight DLC bosses The Flame and Bernard are included for the complete challenge.

Furi on Steam here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/423230/Furi/


  • If you own the game on Steam you can get the Beta
  • In Steam, do “Properties” on Furi in your library. The Beta tab will appear, enter the password: FurierSpeedrun.
  • Then selecting the Beta FurierSpeedrun in the list will download the patch.
  • If ever you would like to return to the original Furi game, you can chose “none” in the same property list.

As a reminder the Furi secret TGB code is a cheat code on Furi’s main screen that unlocks the Speedrun mode and the Furier difficulty from a fresh save. Check it here: https://youtu.be/zdbDZMkfl7E

Our QA expert Jérémie has opened the race. Good luck to all!

Speedrun Furi in the hardest difficulty, unlock content with the TGB code, new avatars and big discounts on all stores.

Posted by on 06.30.17

For our Speedrunners on Steam looking for an extra challenge, we are releasing next week a Beta version of Furi with the Speedrun mode in Furier difficulty! The One More Fight DLC bosses The Flame and Bernard are included in the mode for the complete challenge. Follow us on @thegamebakers or Facebook.com/thegamebakers for the release next week.

We are also revealing Furi secret TGB code. There is a cheat code on Furi’s main screen, it unlocks the Speedrun mode and the Furier difficulty from a fresh save, you don’t have to finish the game to try them, and it lets you change the game main screen. Check it here: https://youtu.be/zdbDZMkfl7E

We will be releasing soon some new free Avatars for PlayStation players.

And the game is reaching record discounts on most stores for the season sales50% off for the Steam Summer Sales, 50% off for the PlayStation US Mid Year sale, etc. Get your copy now if you haven’t yet!



Furi Physical Disc limited edition and CD soundtrack out today

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The Limited Run Games Furi Definitive Edition for PS4 will go on sale today at 4PM EDT/ 16h in Paris. Limited to 5000 copies worldwide. Grab your copy here: https://limitedrungames.com/collections/games/products/limited-run-62-furi-ps4

Furi Original Soundtrack is also available on CD today. Get your dose of electro / synth-wave goodness here: https://furi.bandcamp.com/

Last, the IndieBox Furi set box will start shipping next week, you can pre-order it here:  https://www.theindiebox.com/product/furi-definitive-edition/

Full press release below.


June 23, 2017 – Furi PS4 physical disc limited edition by Limited Run Games and the CD of Furi’s soundtrack are out today, Furi PC collector box set available next week

The Limited Run Games physical edition for PlayStation 4 is available today at 10AM EDT on the Limited Run Games store. Be warned, the edition is limited to 5,000 copies worldwide! The Furi – Definitive Edition disc includes the game and its DLC One More Fight and is region free. A code to download the soundtrack on Bandcamp is included. Available for 30$/€!

The IndieBox edition for PC will start shipping next week, you can order it for 30$/€ here: https://www.theindiebox.com/product/furi-definitive-edition/

It includes a blu-ray case with the game and the soundtrack, 24-pages manual, a sticker and a code to get the game and DLC One More Fight on Steam. The game requires Steam to function.

The award winning electro / synthwave soundtrack of original compositions by Carpenter Brut, Danger, The Toxic Avenger, Lorn, Scattle, Kn1ght and Waveshaper is also available in a sleek CD from today, on Bandcamp for 15$/€.

Download all the visuals in this email HERE.

Media contact: magic@thegamebakers.com







Furi Physical Editions and Music Making of Episode

Posted by on 05.12.17

We’re delighted to announce today a few surprises that we hope will please Furi’s fans:

  • Furi is getting physical collector editions for PlayStation 4 and PC
  • Last episode of Making of Furi is out today, and the series of 4 episodes on Steam.
  • The award winning Furi soundtrack will be available in CD.

A special promotion on Steam marks the day, with an all time low discount of -40% on everything Furi. 

More details below.


Furi Definitive Edition, that includes the game and its DLC One More Fight, is made in collaboration with the awesome folks at Limited Run Games and IndieBox. The physical editions will be available in June.

Furi_PC_IndieBoxFuri Definitive Edition – Indie Box PC

The IndieBox edition for PC includes a blu-ray case with the game and the original soundtrack, 24-pages manual, a sticker and an artwork card with the code to get the game and DLC on Steam. The game requires Steam to function. You can pre-order the IndieBox PC Definitive Edition priced 30$/€ here: https://www.theindiebox.com/product/furi-definitive-edition


Furi Definitive Edition – Limited Run Games PS4

For PlayStation 4, the Limited Run Games edition will be limited to 5,000 copies worldwide. The blu-ray disc includes the game and its DLC and is region free. A code to download the soundtrack on Bandcamp is included. This limited edition will be available on on the Limited Run Games for 30$/€.



The making of Furi is coming to its conclusion with episode 4 dedicated to the music of the game. Director Katya Mokolo followed the team over two years, from conception to launch. Each of the four 12 mn episodes focuses on a different aspect of the game development.

Episode 4 on The Game Bakers’ Youtube: https://youtu.be/JojUipY0aoo

The series Making of Furi is also made available for free on Steam today: http://store.steampowered.com/app/629150

Making of Furi, Episode 4 – Music!


The award winning soundtrack of the game, explosive mix of original compositions by electro / synthwave magicians Carpenter Brut, Danger, The Toxic Avenger, Lorn, Scattle, Kn1ght and Waveshaper has been a record seller digitally and in its deluxe double vinyl edition. The soundtrack will be made available as a deliciously retro CD, in a sleek digipack.

You can pre-order the Soundtrack on CD priced 15$/€ here: furi.bandcamp.com, it will also be available in June on Limited Run Games store. For the occasion the digital version of the soundtrack is 30% off on Bandcamp and Steam, down to 10$/€.

Furi_OriginalSoundtrack_CDDigipackFuri Soundtrack on CD






Furi DLC One More Fight + big patch on PS4 out today

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Furi fans we hope you are warmed up! Our all-boss fighter is getting its first and only DLC today on PS4 and Steam.

One More Fight will have you stand up one last time for your freedom in an intense fight against The Flame, a revengeful opponent that will challenge your skills and test your wit to the extremes. 

The pack features a complete new fight against a boss designed by Takashi Okazaki, in a new arena, with music by Scattle. The boss is playable in Furi and Furier difficulty modes. We have also been teasing about some extra content but we don’t want to reveal more for now… The additional content is accessible directly from the main menu.

The DLC is priced $3.99/€3.99.

Furi will also be discounted for the occasion, -30% on Steam and for PlayStation Plus subscribers, and -20% for Playstation players in North America.

* Furi DLC on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/567810
* Furi DLC on PlayStation store (US): https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/search/q=furi
* Furi DLC on PlayStation store (FR): https://store.playstation.com/#!/fr-fr/rechercher/q=furi

Contact magic@thegamebakers.com for a code for your review.

And for all PS4 players, a patch today brings features like the alternate control scheme and several fixes and improvements. Here’s the list:

  • Alternate control schemes for the game pad
  • Render quality options (may improve performances)
  • HUD position option (if your HUD is vertically cropped on your display)
  • Retweak for Promenade difficulty mode (added more variety to the fights)
  • Slight nerf for The Burst and The Line fights (in Furi difficulty story mode only – NOT in Speedrun mode)
  • Added hint for automove on paths in story mode
  • Fixed several bugs




Furi DLC ‘One More Fight’ available Wednesday March 15th

Posted by on 03.10.17

Furi DLC ‘One More Fight’ will be available this coming Wednesday March 15th on Steam and PS4… That’s 5 days to warm up!

Here is more info on the DLC content:
«You took so much from me. I will make you pay… A blow for all the ones you killed.» – The Flame
Stand up for your freedom one more time in this fight against The Flame, a revengeful opponent that will challenge your skills and test your wit to the extremes. Character design by Takashi Okazaki and music by Scattle!

This pack features:
– A complete new fight against The Flame
– In a new arena designed for this bossfight
– Playable in Furi and Furier difficulty modes
And that’s all, or is it?

The additional content is accessible directly from the main menu.