Furi Demake – The Chain – Sylph’s interview

Posted by on 11.29.23

Furi Demake – The Chain is the intense 8-bit reimagination of Furi. With fast-paced gameplay, skill-intensive combat, and retro controls that feel good, it’s our way to thank the Furi community and spread the Furi love with an entirely free game.
But how did we get there?

Sylph is the developer behind Furi Demake. We found his work on social media and were impressed, we could already imagine Furi in his style. We asked him to come create his own version of Furi and he accepted the challenge! He agreed to share a bit more about the creation of the game, and to part with some of his mysteriousness, have a read.

Hi Sylph, you’re the developer behind Furi Demake – The Chain. Can you introduce yourself and tell us more about your work?

Hi! I’m a solo developer and I’m making 8-bit games. I taught myself because I’ve wanted to create games since I was a kid. I started off on Klick n’Play. Before that, I drew a lot and that helped, even though pixel art is different from hand drawing.

What tools do you work with to create 8-bit games inspired by the 90’s?

For the art I mainly use Microsoft Paint, it lacks a lot of tools but I’m comfortable with it, it’s a habit. To code I use Construct 3, because I started off without knowing how to code, it’s been perfect to kick off. But rest assured I learned how to code properly since then!

Sylph’s first game, Bad School Boy

What made you want to take part in the Furi Demake project? 

I love the original Furi game, for its gameplay and for its world. I’m very retro-oriented, so I thought about what a retro version could be, both for the art and the gameplay. The goal was to pay homage to Furi but still be different, with the same overall vibe. 

This isn’t your first game, was the creation process any different?

When creating my first games, I couldn’t even use a function in Construct, haha, so yeah the process was very different! This time I also got to know and work with The Game Bakers, a professional team and I learned a lot from them.

Sylph’s Garlic, an 8-bit platformer


What do you like the most as a dev when you’re working on a game? The art, controls, gameplay? 

Everything that has to do with the core gaming experience (art, gameplay, hero movesets) is my main thing. Everything else is a bit less fun (menuing, creating boss patterns’, level design…).

What is your gameplay philosophy?

Simple and effective. I like to have simple rules and controls, with patterns that get harder to push the players to their limits.

What’s your favorite part of Furi Demake – The Chain?

The Furier mode altogether, especially phase 3 and 4. They have extremely intense moments that are really effective in terms of gameplay.

What did you think of Furi, the game that inspired Furi Demake – The Chain?

Like I said, I really love the original Furi. It has controls that are more adapted to modern players, so a little bit harder for me, but it’s so satisfying to play once you’re used to it. It’s based on simple rules as well, with great boss patterns and it keeps the pressure on.

What’s your best score?

I think I once beat the Furier mode with an S rank in 4:30 minutes, but I’ve already lost some of my skill since then!

You’ve created quite a few games before this one, would you like to tell us more about them? Maybe a new one coming?

Yeah I’ve created 6 games so far, the latest being Garlic, a pretty hardcore platformer.
Right now I’m also working on my next game, Sword n’ Dragons, it’ll be a boss fight game with a fantasy style. It will launch on Steam in 2025, and you can support it on Kickstarter soon!

Sylph’s next game, Sword n’ Dragons

Is there anything else you’d like to talk about?

I really want to thank Emeric and the whole team at The Game Bakers for giving me this one-of-a-kind opportunity, and for supporting me through the whole process. You’ve been great, the QA did an amazing job and so did the tech support team. Emeric is a genius designer, and I learned a lot from him. I hope the players will enjoy this gift from The Game Bakers and look into the original Furi!

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