Furi – FAQ / Known Issues

Posted by on 07.13.16

Furi header

Last updated, September 20th 2016.


LAST PATCH (September 20th)

  • Alternate control schemes for the game pad
  • New radial mode option for mouse aiming (default)
  • Retweak for promenade mode (added more variety to the promenade fights)
  • Slight nerf for The Burst and The Line (in Furi difficulty story mode only – NOT in speedrun mode)
  • Added hint for automove on paths in story mode
  • Improved reticle visibility on some levels (re difficulty to see it for colorblind people)
  • Fixed most cases where The Burst walls raise below the player
  • Added steamcards (waiting for Steam validation)
  • Misc bugfixes



  • IMPROVED – Some players experience « overheating » and the fans getting loud on PS4
  • IMPROVED – Some players experience screen tearing
  • FIXED – Some players can’t charge a shoot with R2 with a PS4 controller
  • FIXED – The warning message when leaving for the main menu says all progress will be lost
  • FIXED – Sometimes The Burst sniper shots go through the walls / Walls don’t have collisions
  • FIXED – Sometimes The Burst gets stuck in phase 5
  • FIXED – In The Scale level, the water is sometimes clipping
  • FIXED – [PC only] The mouse mode is not properly saved (directional/reticule)
  • Minor bugfixes and polish



PC bugs can be reported here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/423230/discussions/1/

The game crashes with a Razer Kraken headset
Unplugging the headset might fix the problem. It might be related the version of razer synapse which is not playing well with some games.
A workaround: setting the audio device default format to be 2 Channel, 16 bit, 48000 Hz seems to fix.
Some other workarounds have been mentioned here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/423230/discussions/1/358416640405167590/

[PC only] The game crashes on loading the 4th boss
Some AMD cards crash on this boss. We are working on a fix. More info here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/423230/discussions/1/365172547938430580/

Non 16:9 monitors and Steam overlay conflict
You can disable the Steam Overlay. More info here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/423230/discussions/1/365172547938430580/

In The Scale level, the camera goes away and show only a black screen
We are actively looking for a reproduction rule and a fix.

In The Song level, the main character can get stuck in the air during the last phase
We are actively looking for a reproduction rule and a fix.

I got hit several time in a row by one attack of The Chain
We are actively looking for a reproduction rule and a fix.

I got stuck on top of The Burst walls after the popped from the ground
We are actively looking for a reproduction rule and a fix.

[PC only] The reticule is hard to see in some levels, custom color would be appreciated
It’s on our to do list!

Controls remapping would be useful for players with disabilities
It’s on our to do list!

Splitting the quick dash and the charged dash on two different buttons would be useful (for comfort or to avoid space bar jam with keyboards)
It’s on our to do list!

Have a problem? Report your issues (with as much detail as possible) via THIS LINK.


Is it ok to Let’s Play, stream or monetize videos of Furi?
Yes it is!

I have difficulty moving during the walk sequences, any help?
Yes: press X (or A), and your character will auto-walk to its destination. Relax, listen to the music, to the story, and get ready for the epic fight to come.

What are the threshold scores for rankings in Story Mode?
Story mode rankings reference scores.

What are the threshold scores for rankings in Practice Mode?
Practice mode rankings reference scores.

I feel there is a delay or a lag when I want to dash, is that so?
There is no delay or lag, but you feel it because the dash is on the « release » of the button.
Here is how it works:

  • The dodge is on the « release », not the « press » of the button. There is absolutely no delay, BUT you need to release quickly to do a quick dash.
  • If you hold longer than 0.1s, you’ll start to charge your dodge. Until a threshold, the more you charge, the further you go. This is very useful (and necessary in the late game, or even early in the last phase of boss 2, The Strap, when she swings her laser head back and forth).
  • There IS a 0.2s cooldown between two dodges. If there wasn’t you’d basically be invincible. But there is in no occasion a challenge or a pattern that requires to do two dodges in such a short timeframe.

We can attest that all the bosses can be done with 0 K.O., 0 hits as the game is, and without luck (there is very little random).

44 Responses to “Furi – FAQ / Known Issues”

  1. Xevren dit :

    I’ve run into issues in Close quarters where holding the right stick he’ll go into boost and come out of it immediately right after going into it even though I’m wanting to get said boost. Don’t suppose this has popped up for anyone else on ps4 by chance?

    • Emeric dit :

      If you hold the stick and wait without getting interrupted by the boss, you should be able to get your boost. Easy to try on close quarter on phase 2 of boss one, he won’t ever attack.

      • Xevren dit :

        Getting interrupted isnt the problem, my problem is im holding the stick and he wont stay charging the boost. There are times where I’m holding the stick down and right when he starts charging he just stops for no reason even though I never let go of the stick. It’s happened too many times 🙁

        • Emeric dit :

          Can you try with another gamepad? No other player reported such a bug. It « looks » like the stick detection is interrupted, like if the gamepad was a bit worn out. I think it’s more a hardware problem unfortunately.

          • Xevren dit :

            Tried a different controller and that seemed fine. Downside is the right trigger has that charged shot problem, doh. Oh well with the patch next week I’ll get by. Thanks for the responses though, Furi is amazing.

          • King dit :

            I actually also constantly face that bug, and yes, I have tried using a different controller

          • i_am_seed dit :

            I too face this problem constantly. Every other speed run getting destroyed by this issue…

  2. NG_Absalon dit :

    During the Fight with The Strap. In the beginning of Phase 4 (Where she runs away from the player) She reappeared on the entrance zone of the Arena and was stuck and unable to get attacked. Happened during Story Mode on PC.
    Also draw a quick sketch where i mean.

  3. dafterino dit :

    i got a trouble related to gamepad on pc: as soon as the game connect my gamepad seem to be stuck in a up left direction. the gamepad is a Thrustmaster 4 dual analog. it seem the problem come from the game as my driver are up to date and i never had issue with this gamepad on any other game.

    Is there a fix please?

  4. Gigan33 dit :

    After defeating the 7th boss and heading into the next level, the game suddenly crashed with a message popping up on the screen. http://i.imgur.com/afFciy3.png
    Is there something I should do, or is it alright to just inform you of this crash?

    • Emeric dit :

      Thanks for reporting the crash.
      If you can write to us at [support at thegamebakers dotcom] and send us more information on your PC config that would be useful!
      Also, when you restarted the game, the save was correct right? You had passed the boss?

      • Gigan33 dit :

        The save was correct when I restarted the game, The crash happened as soon as I enter the portal to the next level after I defeated the 7th boss. I’ll also send my PC config at the Support Game Bakers.

  5. JunkyponY dit :

    Do we have to face the enemy to pary ?

    • Emeric dit :

      No you don’t, if you parry at the right time but with the wrong orientation, your character will automatically face the enemy.

  6. Zhnigo dit :

    On the later phases of the Star, the player’s charged beam overlaps the boss projectiles, making them essentially invisible and thus very hard to dodge. Is this intended?

    • Emeric dit :

      It’s not intended to make them hard to see, but it’s intended that the laser is on top of the projectiles. Somehow we feel it’s still possible to dodge the bullets. It’s actually one of the best bossfight to make a 0 hit.

  7. LexingthonFord dit :

    I dont know how I encounter it but when I have finished Furi with the assimilate ending, the thing that show you the time hits and KOs as well as your rank (A,B and such) I tried to press the X button (played it on PS4) and it seems that im stuck. Cant preas the X button so I cant go back to the menu. It.happens to me when I was trying to get an S rank on story mode. It happen three times now. All I can do is quit via ps button and go to xmb menu…..

  8. JEFFTHECOP dit :

    In PS4 I have encounter a very serious bug. When i died and i still have Health bar left but bosses just stand there and my heath does not recover the fight does not restart. i wait for it for few min but does not helps. i start having this problem during the song boss but the bug is rare. Sadly after i complete the game its happen more and more often And happen with every boss i fight.

  9. Robert Pierrick dit :

    Les bugs que je signale viennent de la version PS4 de FURI :

    -Les vidéos disponibles dans la section « Comment jouer » souffrent de problème de framerate.

    -Dans le niveau de « La Pointe » quand le boss vide une des barre de vie du joueur, le délai que prend la cinématique durant laquelle notre personnage se relève pour démarrer peut être assez long (Quelque chose comme 30 secondes voire plus)

    • Robert Pierrick dit :

      Le deuxième bug que je signale est le même que celui que JEFFTHECOP a signalé. Pour ma part, je l’ai surtout ressenti sur le niveau de « La Pointe ».

  10. Thommasz dit :

    Guys, you have probably error in the counter towards S rank on boss The Burst (Furi difficulty). I’ve managed to beat her in 9:30, 0 KO and 20 hits and it gave me A rank (thanks to the number of hits). Your sheet counts with 30 possible hits.

  11. Mice dit :

    Will there be general framerate fixes in the future ?

    Game seems to run awful on mid/low-tier PC’s on which the game should run fine.

    My Geforce GT 720 runs games like Shadow of Mordor, and Batman Arkham Knight well on medium-ish settings, while Fury on Fast mode is almost unplayable.

    Please fix the code guys :'(

    • Emeric dit :

      Are you playing on a laptop? Sometimes windows decides to use the motherboard graphic chip instead of the graphic card. you can force the game to use the graphic card in the graphic card options. The game should run fine with a GT720 so there’s something wrong in your setup, I think.

  12. Leon dit :

    after the 9th boss, when you finally escaped the prison, my character is not able to run, so I can’t get to the next destination in time before the credits start rolling and the game ends. It’s really frustrating, because I saw other videos where the game goes on. So basically I am not able to finish the game because i can’t run for some reason.
    Did I miss something or is it a bug?
    Still, I really enjoyed the game, thank you for this experience:)

    • Emeric dit :

      Hi Leon,
      I think the game runs fine, you just need to wait for the end of the credits, then at the very end, after 10s, it will open up again on the big plain and you’ll be able to run to the tower or explore.

  13. Max dit :


    I have a problem with my controller.
    Namely all buttons but the left stick have no effect when being pressed.
    I can navigate through the menu options and walk ingame but pressing any button other button has no effect.
    The other buttons are being recognized by the game as it indicates the medium you are using in the bottom left corner of the screen(switching from keyboard to controller) in the menu.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    I’m using a Speedlink Torid Gamepad(SL-6576-BK-01)
    Link to the gamepad:

    Best regards,

  14. Sébastien dit :

    Bonjour, j’ai vu que dans la dernière patch vous avec adressé un problème pour les daltoniens. J’aimerais vous faire part de mon problème en tant que daltonien. Bien que maintenant ce ne soit plus trop un problème étant donné que j’ai beaucoup pratiqué, j’ai eu beaucoup de difficulté à affronter The Beat. Les projectiles à tête chercheuse ou encore ceux de notre personnage sont très difficiles à voir lorsqu’ils passent à travers la zone blanche sur le sol autour du boss. C’est encore plus difficile en Furier avec les grosses boules qui proviennent du boss qui elles aussi se fondent avec le sol. Je comprends que mettre une autre couleur pourrait ruiner l’esthétique du combat mais ce serait agréable s’il y avait une option pour changer la couleur. C’est le seul élément du jeu qui m’a vraiment posé problème en tant que daltonien. Merci de prendre en considération et félicitations pour le GOTY 2016. 😉

    • Emeric dit :

      Merci Sébastien pour le retour !
      Effectivement on a changé la couleur du curseur sur les niveaux qui nous avaient été rapportés comme problématiques, mais on avait pas connaissance de ce problème sur The Beat. On le note et on l’ajoute à la todo list ! Merci pour le support et les encouragement et bravo pour avoir finit le jeu !

  15. Hey I cannot stream furi on obs I go to game capture select furi and nothing happens please help!

    • Emeric dit :

      Sorry to hear that. But that must be on your end, there is nothing on Furi to prevent streaming, and many players did successfuly.
      Hope you’ll find what’s wrong!

  16. Junon dit :

    The character gets stuck on the air when the fight vs The Rythm starts. It can be fixed restarting the fight but that still keeps me out of time attack mode, where I can’t do that
    Image: http://imgur.com/a/05d9L

    Great game, btw

  17. Jason dit :

    Bonjour !
    Étant fan de la première heure, j’aimerais le voir débarquer sur Switch pour y jouer au bureau pendant la pause dej’ 🙂
    Une sortie est à l’étude ou c’est un non catégorique ?

    • Emeric dit :

      Merci !
      On aimerait aussi ENORMEMENT voir Furi sur Switch. Ce n’est pas encore prévu mais on y pense très fort. On préviendra sur ce blog, notre twitter et facebook dès qu’on peut s’engager sur quelque chose !
      Merci pour le soutien !

  18. william dit :

    I’m having an issue where the player character doesn’t show up. I’m at level 5 just after defeating the diver guy, and right at the beginning of the fifth stage the portal closes but the character is nowhere to be seen. so I am unable to play the game any further. Any suggestions as to what I should do?

    • Emeric dit :

      Hey William,
      that’s the first time we have this bug reported. What platform are you playing on, and from which store/version?
      If you’re on PC, what’s your setup?

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