We make games like we make food

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We are an independent game studio founded by Emeric Thoa and Audrey Leprince. To sum it up we say we make games like we cook food: with a lot of love. We want to create that experience that you remember, that you have fantasies about long after the game is finished, that makes you feel alive and energized.

We are a studio in the clouds, working with a team of great collaborators around France and the world, with a handful of us based in Montpellier – right above a bakery.

In 2016, we released our adrenaline fuelled boss-fight only game FURI for PlayStation4, PC, Switch and Xbox One which received raving reviews from players and press alike. The game is praised for its demanding mix of close combat and dual stick shoot, its unique art style and amazing electro soundtrack. We are now working hard in the kitchen on HAVEN our upcoming romantic RPG for consoles and PC for 2020. Just like for Furi, we hope to surprise players with a game that will create long lasting memories and fill them with energy.

Our first game SQUIDS, an underwater tactical RPG on mobile from 2011 was a great success with an average 5 star user rating. SQUIDS Wild West, followed in its footsteps in 2012 with great reviews. SQUIDS Odyssey, the ultimate SQUIDS compilation is available for Switch, Steam, Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

Combo Crew our modern take on old-school brawlers was released in 2013, bringing fighting games to mobile with innovative touch controls. We added the heavyweights from Capcom’s Street Fighter 2 and Viewtiful Joe into the game. In 2014, we developed a TMNT brawler for mobile for Nickelodeon to launch with Michael Bay’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie.


More about us

Audrey Leprince

Audrey Leprince

At The Game Bakers, Audrey Leprince is in charge of executive production. She started in the industry as a game designer and producer for Quantic Dream and independent French studios, then spent 6 years in China where she was producer on several AAA console games for Ubisoft. Advocate of Studio in the clouds philosophy, she relocates regularly and is now based in Sweden.

Emeric Thoa

Emeric Thoa is in charge of The Game Bakers’ creative content. He acts both as a game design and a producer, since the studio’s origins. He has a passion for Japanese games, and Japan in general. His design philosophy is that trying to please everyone only results in pleasing no one. Games should be made with heart and guts, so that players can feel the soul put in them.

Emeric Thoa