Offre d’emploi de gameplay programmer

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Game Bakers recherche un programmeur ou une programmeuse gameplay expérimentée pour le développement de notre prochain jeu d’action aventure sur PC et consoles.

Vous rejoindrez une équipe de 15 personnes, qui ont travaillé ensemble sur nos précédents projets et livrent des jeux de qualité, sans crunch et dans la bonne humeur. Notre équipe travaille à 100% en télétravail, avec des horaires flexibles. 

Game Bakers est une petite équipe talentueuse qui fait des jeux qui marquent les joueurs et les joueuses, comme nos précédentes créations Haven ou Furi. Grâce au succès de nos jeux, nous sommes un studio indépendant et auto-financé et nous travaillons sur des créations originales qui sortent tous les 3-4 ans.

Mission :

  • Développer le gameplay principal du jeu
  • Proposer des solutions, des design, des implémentations qui concrétisent la vision 

Profil :

  • Diplôme en informatique de niveau BAC +4/+5 (école d’ingénieur ou formation similaire)
  • Connaissances approfondies en C# (C++ bienvenu)
  • Compétences solides en mathématiques (algèbre linéaire, trigonométrie, quaternions)
  • Compétences solides en physique et systèmes d’animation (IK, ragdoll, playables, animation procédurale)
  • Sait travailler avec Unity 
  • Capacité à reprendre rapidement le code existant
  • A déjà participé au développement – de la conception jusqu’au lancement – de plusieurs jeux commercialisés 
  • Autonomie, pragmatisme, capacité à travailler en équipe, bonne humeur
  • Francophone
  • De l’intérêt ou des connaissances en biomécanique, mécanique newtonnienne et anatomie humaine sont un plus

Informations additionnelles :

  • CDI
  • Dates : dès que possible – début avant octobre 2022.
  • Lieu : l’équipe est intégralement en télétravail, mais nous avons un studio à Montpellier qui peut vous accueillir.
  • Rémunération compétitive et bonus, horaires flexibles, mutuelle de qualité, aide à la garde d’enfants, frais de télétravail.

Pour postuler : un petit mot avec votre CV à

Merci de vos candidatures !

FURI – Patch Notes – June 21th 2022

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Hello everyone,

We hope you are well and that you enjoyed fighting the guardians with Onnamusha, as well as the last free update. We would like to thank you for all your support on Furi, it’s amazing to see how much you are involved with the game 6 years after its release.

We just released this small update to fix some bugs, you will find the patch notes below.


Furi – Patch Notes – June 21th 2022

Versions: PS4, Steam, GOG v1.1.224

PS5 v1.1.225

Bug fixes:
– Fixed a bug that permitted to skip the Edge fight in Practice mode
– Fixed a pattern in Furier difficulty during the Line fight
– Fixed missing feedbacks while tweaking the audio settings

Common except Steam
Bug fixes:
– Fixed several localization issues

Bug fixes:
– Fixed the visual quality setting being reset after restarting the game

Bug fixes:
– Fixed a bug that may prevent achievements/trophies to unlock

Bug fixes:
– Fixed the loading screen on SteamDeck

Bug fixes:
– Fixed bouncing bullets against the shield of the Line

– Added V-Sync option in the visual settings

Rediscover Furi – Onnamusha Update

Posted by on 05.25.22

Rediscover Furi: Furi Update & Onnamusha DLC

The Onnamusha DLC will let you play as Onnamusha Rider, a powerful fighter that alternates between two stances: fast and agile or slower but lethal until she’s able to unleash the devastating power of the Star. The new gameplay mechanics bring new challenges, for a complete rediscovery of the game.

After Furi we needed a break from intense and fast paced action and we made Haven.
And after Haven we wanted to feel the thrill of combat again… So we worked on a little something during the summer.
We’ve read all the Furi fans messages and this request really stuck with us: “I wish I could forget Furi to discover it for the first time all over again”. We asked ourselves: how could we do that? Is there a way for players to rediscover Furi?

A couple of weeks later we were working on Onnamusha.

Furi Onnamusha

Onnamusha is a new playable character. It is Rider as a woman, but most importantly it’s a new fighter with a completely different playstyle. While the original game is very demanding but pretty simple in terms of abilities (you can dash, parry, slash and shoot), Onnamusha adds a layer of tactics by alternating two combat stances:

Spark: while in Spark stance, Rider is faster than ever, heals on parry and can double dash but deals weak damage.
Storm: in Storm stance, Rider is extremely lethal, but very slow and has a vulnerable jump roll.

It’s a different rhythm when playing with Onnamusha, as you’re always toggling between stances to optimize your damage and maximize your chances of avoiding hits.

But there’s more. When you make damage or parry successfully, you fill a special power gauge. It’s true in both stances, but while in Spark you will fill the gauge much faster. When the gauge is full, you can trigger the Star power and benefit from the best of the two worlds: be even faster and even deadlier.

And finally, another mechanic finishes to make Onnamusha a very fun and rich character to play: the burst mechanic. You get a boost in damage and defense just after you change stance, for a couple of seconds. In Spark stance, you’ll shoot many more bullets during burst. In Storm you’ll fire bigger and faster bullets. In both stances, your slashes will be deadlier. This makes it valuable to toggle stance frequently to take advantage of the power burst.

With these new combat skills, each bossfight can be approached with new strategies. You’ll have to decide when to deal damage with the Storm stance, when to toggle stances to benefit from the burst, when to use your Spark speed to defend, gain back some life or build up your Star power. And eventually, decide when is the perfect moment to use the power of the Star and destroy your opponent.

You can get the Onnamusha DLC (6.99$) and rediscover Furi with Onnamusha in Story mode, Speedrun mode (with dedicated leaderboards) and Practice mode.

In the Furi free update that is made available at the same time as the DLC, we have included all previous content that was released on the game, and in particular the previous “One More Fight” DLC with The Flame bossfight (and secret boss Bernard). We also updated the game in general and added new accessibility improvements with the ability to unlock trophies in Promenade Mode, an option to autocomplete Quick Time Events, and a couple of additional control schemes.

Rediscover Furi: Furi Update and Onnamusha DLC is available on PC, PS4, PS5 and Switch.

Go back stranger. We will bring you back.

Furi Onnamusha DLC with a new Rider coming soon!

Posted by on 05.03.22

Hello everyone,

We’ve read all the Furi fans messages and this request really stuck with us: “I wish I could forget Furi to discover it for the first time all over again”. We asked ourselves: how could we achieve that? Is there a way for players to rediscover Furi?

A couple of weeks later we were working on Onnamusha.

The Onnamusha DLC will let you play as Onnamusha Rider, a powerful fighter that alternates between two stances: fast and agile or slower but lethal until she’s able to unleash the devastating power of the Star. The new gameplay mechanics bring new challenges, for a complete rediscovery of the game.

With Onnamusha Rider, the game can be played again in Story, Speedrun and Practice modes.

The studio will also publish a free update to the base game on all platforms, that includes all paid and free content available for Furi: One More Fight DLC and all the improvements made since the release (Invincible Mode, Furier Speedrun, Alternate controls…).

The DLC ($6.99) and the free update will be available on May 17th on PC (Steam, GOG), PlayStation 4 & 5 and Nintendo Switch

Haven Update: Meet the new Yu and Kay

Posted by on 03.09.22

They love each other, but they can’t be together, so they do what anybody would probably have done in this situation: escape to an unknown planet.

This is the story of Haven, a romantic space adventure about two lovers trying to stay together against all odds. Who are these two lovers, you ask? Well, with this Couple Update, the question just got more interesting.

Haven originally let you play as Yu, the hot-headed mechanic and Kay, the cautious biologist. This free update introduces two new characters: Yu, the hot-headed mechanic; and Kay, the cautious biologist. Which means you’ll now be able to play with Yu & Kay, Yu & Kay, or even Yu & Kay.

Still confused? Ok let’s clarify a bit: while Haven originally let you play as a heterosexual couple, you will now be able to play as a same-gender couple.

It could feel like a small change, but Haven being a game about the freedom to love whomever you want, we’re really happy to provide more ways for players to identify with our precious couple.

Whoever you chose to play, the main story won’t change, nor will the personality of the characters. What will change is their design, models, art, animations, quite a few lines, and of course, their voices, since the 80,000 lines of dialog have been entirely re-voiced by our amazing voice actors, Lexie Ann Kendrick (Kay) and Ryan Highley (Yu).

When we first started to work on this update, soon after the release, I was curious, as a writer, about how the original dialogues would translate for these two new couples. Will some of them sound odd? Unnatural? After all, I wrote Kay as a man, and Yu as a woman, didn’t I?

I was pleasantly surprised to realize that, pronouns and minor details aside, almost nothing had to be edited. Overall, the alchemy between the characters remained unaffected.

As if characters weren’t determined by their gender. As if men and women could have the same interests, the same thoughts, the same feelings.


We hope you’re as excited as we were to discover or rediscover your favorite couple. Oink, for once, can’t wait to meet his two new moms. Or dads.

Haven Couple Update is available for free on PC, PlayStation 5 & 4,Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch.

Pierre Corbinais

Choose your Yu and Kay and play as a same-gender couple with the Haven update available now!

Posted by on 03.03.22

Hello everyone,

Haven is a game about the freedom to love whomever you want, and that’s why we’re particularly happy to bring this free Couple update to all platforms. You can now choose to play the game with the Yu and Kay you prefer: either a woman and a man, two women, or two men. Check the update trailer:

This update will not change the story arc for Haven, and you still play as Yu and Kay, but the game offers more options as to the composition of the couple. Haven can now represent love in a broader way!

This update is special to us. Originally, the concept for Haven featured 8 couples, with a diverse range of relationships. It became clear during production that we wouldn’t be able to reach our initial vision for the full cast of characters, so we focused on the two characters you know well. But right after the game launch, we went back to work on this update to add the alternate couples!

You can read more about the Update in two very exciting blog posts:

We’re very happy to be able to provide the lovers’ story in two new ways that more players can identify with. We’re looking forward to seeing which Yu and Kay you will play, as you enjoy the two lovers’ adventures on planet Source (and catch up with Oink!).

As always, a big thank you for playing our games and your support,
The team at Game Bakers


Haven Couples Update

Posted by on 03.03.22

Haven makes you play as Yu and Kay, a young couple who are not supposed to be together. While everything in the universe is trying to tear them apart, they keep fighting for the freedom to be in love.

In Haven’s first version of the game, Yu and Kay are a young man and women. But one of the key theme of Haven has always been about “being free to love who you want”. Initially, our game concept featured 8 couples, with some of them being gay and lesbian. It was a very natural and obvious way to go with such a theme.

But production constraints made us cut all these characters and refocus the story and the game over two characters only. This allowed us to craft a very unique and moving story about two persons in love. Two personalities, two lives tangled with each other that players would come to know and fall in love with during the game.

After Haven released last year, we took some time to work on a unique update that would better support the game’s theme: you can now choose to play the game with the lovers you want. Either a woman and a man, two women or two men.


This is a fantastic update that lets you play the game with the same couple, Yu and Kay, but offers you the choice for them to be two men or two women. Let’s make things clear though: this is not a new story arc and the new couples do not have gameplay specificities. This is “just” a way to allow more people to enjoy Haven in a way that represents them better. We are very proud to make Haven represent love in a broader way!

You might have noticed that Kay as a woman and Yu as a man look very similar to their opposed gender versions. There are two reasons for that: first they are the same characters in the story, they share the same backstory and life. And second, for technical reasons, we had to keep the same body size, hairstyle and body shape.

This update may seem like a small addition but it actually took us more than eight months of hard work. We had to design and create new 3D models, but also redraw all the 2D assets in the game the dialog portraits, the loading screens, the key illustrations, some contents in the endings… The only thing that wasn’t redone is the opening animation, which plays before the couple choice.

We also made sure the dialogs were correct with each couple. This means supporting new translations in all 8 languages (2 new translations, one if Kay is a woman and one if Yu is a man), as well as changing and recording some lines that had some kind of explicit or implicit gender in English (like if Yu says “Mister” to Kay… that doesn’t work with a woman anymore). And we re-recorded all the dialogs of the game with two new actors, Lexie Ann Kendrick and Ryan Highley.

When you make a game over many years of development, there’s always things that you wish you had done differently. Players sometimes ask us “why can’t I choose the gender of my characters in Haven?”, but at the time we could never have made that feature. Especially as it’s the story of Yu and Kay, unique characters crafted with strong intentions. But a year after the original release, we were able to make that very special addition to the game, and we hope many new players will be able to meet Yu and Kay ! (and Oink)

Try The Right Shot, our talented interns game!

Posted by on 12.16.21

Over the last 5 months, we welcomed 3 talented interns in our studio: Louise, Maya, and Leelou. They had a mission: create their own game, from scratch to publishing with mentoring from the whole team at Game Bakers. 

We’re very happy to announce that their game, The Right Shot, is available today!

Play the game here:

The game is free, but you can give more and all the money raised will go to Secours Populaire. The charity supports people who are victims of social injustice, poverty, hunger and armed conflicts.

In The Right Shot you play as a little devil serving cocktails to the bar customers. Catch them, throw them: whatever it takes to serve them quickly!

Meet the team

While the game design was teamwork, each team member had their own specialties.

  • All the graphics of the game were made by Louise Jandot dit Danjou, who also took care of the management of the game production. She studied video game conception at LISAA. She enjoys getting lost on artstation, discovering new things & people in general!
  • Maya Hill, who is in her first year at Epitech studying computer science, took care of the programming of the game. She loves playing video games as much as she loves creating them, and uses reading as a source of creativity and inspiration. And she’s fond of cats, cats everywhere.
  • Last but not least, Leelou Puech, who learned game design at Eart-sup. She worked on the game design and level design while working in parallel on the QA of Haven and Furi. She’s in love with hiking, cinema, theater, painting… Listening to music goes hand in hand with creating it for her! >

Our studio has always been looking for ways to give back and support developers in our beautiful industry, in general, and with a particular focus on women over the recent years. We usually only take interns to work on our games in production, but considering how difficult it was during the Covid years for students to find an internship, we decided to do a bit more. This is why we created this « sur-mesure » internship for the 3 students, to help them get practical knowledge, mentoring and the applied learning they needed for their studies.

The whole team at Game Bakers is very proud and impressed by the result of their work! There’s no doubt they will make great games in the upcoming years!

Haven – Sweet Little Things – Patch note

Posted by on 09.30.21

We hope you had a great summer. On our side we kept busy: we launched Haven physical editions with Limited Run and we were working on the first content update for Haven… And that’s it, it’s ready: Sweet Little Things is available today for free, on every platform!

The update brings in particular:

  • Two new costumes for Yu and Kay: « Streetwear » the hot style in the street, and « Top/Truth » inspired by the style of their origin planets.
  • A meloglide: music is a huge part of Haven’s experience. Now, you will be able to choose which track of the OST by Danger to listen to while chilling in the Nest or exploring Source.
  • A concept art gallery: we know many of you love concept art and we wanted to share a bit of the making of Haven, and the work of our talented art team.
  • A new kiss for our two lovers.
  • A Theme for your PS4 background
  • And many quality of life improvements based on your feedback.

We hope you will enjoy it ❤️.

You can read the full patch note below!


Patch note – « Sweet Little Things » – Content Update 30/09/2021

Versions number:

  • Steam, GoG, Epic: v1.1.258
  • Switch: v1.1.250
  • PS5: v1.1.246
  • PS4 SIEA: v1.1.246
  • PS4 SIEE/SIEJA Asia/SIEJA Japan: v1.1.255
  • XBOX One, Series/ PC UWP: v1.1.246

Common to all platforms:

New features:

  • Two new outfits for Yu and Kay: “Streetwear” and “Top / Truth”. They can be worn after finishing the game 
  • A Meloglide to listen to the game music of your choice while roaming or hanging out in the Nest after finishing the game 
  • A gallery to discover artworks and concept art from the making of the game, they unlock during the game


  • Load save menu now shows your progression in terms of ship parts and equipment
  • Multiple capsules can now be crafted at once
  • After cooking, it’s now possible to choose which dish to eat
  • Bonus loot is now rewarded when pacifying multiple creatures at the same time during combat
  • Alternative kiss animation added
  • Some settings can now be configured differently between the first and second player in co-op
  • Added more sounds and visual effects to several menus

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed main menu music stuttering sometimes
  • Fixed the scrolling behavior in the settings menu
  • Fixed an issue when starting a new game where the intro cutscene wouldn’t play
  • Fixed a case where characters would keep their spoon in hand in a post-meal dialog
  • Fixed a dialog about slugs dividing into two. They now do.
  • Fixed a music overlap problem when exiting camping
  • Fixed vibrations that continued when skipping some cutscenes
  • Fixed several typos in some texts and dialogs

Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS5

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue blocking the start of the Holobug cutscene
  • Fixed missing portraits in some story events

Nintendo Switch


  • Balancing on the rust needed to craft, upgrade and repair
  • Flowburst ability doesn’t consume flow anymore
  • Added a generic animation when using the shower after exhausting every dialog
  • Prevented Beruberu to start fighting during the flow burst tutorial
  • Bridges guarded by Tamajus open automatically after the player uses a flow burst
  • Grass in the menu looks better, even when it’s far
  • Added sound effects when interacting with a Nokk creature
  • Improved character animations and navigation
  • Allowed characters to jump more often
  • Improved creatures animations and navigation
  • Islets can be cleared even if there is still a nightcrawler roaming
  • The anti-gravity sticks can’t be missed anymore
  • Added a field of view option

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue blocking the start of the Holobug cutscene
  • Fixed a black screen if returning to the main menu while characters are in a building
  • Fixed a bug where the game appears blocked due to a tutorial’s popup being hidden
  • Fixed a bug on the climb interaction when Birble is leaving the islet after a bait
  • Fixed a bug where players could miss the event to upgrade the gloves after repairing the last ship part
  • Fixed a bug where players could miss a mandatory cutscene before the end
  • Fixed a bug where a character could end at 0 hp after combat
  • Fixed islet descriptions that did not update properly while being discovered
  • Fixed a bug that could get the Beruberu stuck if the heroes lose it by gliding onto a flying flow thread
  • Fixed visual glitches on creatures walking close to the edge of an islet
  • Fixed controls issues while cooking
  • Fixed a visual glitch on the Nest greenhouse visual
  • Fixed the duplicated guitar glitch in the Nest
  • Fixed the last seed dialog playing twice
  • Fixed a soft lock on the credits scrolling when players played the epilogue twice in the same session
  • Fixed the cooking reward popup that wasn’t allowing the gamepad stick to be used
  • Fixed a bug on the capsule tutorial dialog in combat
  • Fixed missing portraits in some story events
  • Fixed some typos
  • Misc bug fixes


New features:

  • Added a free PS4 dynamic theme that can be recovered in the gallery menu

PC Windows


  • Keyboard and mouse controls rebind overhaul

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an infinite loading issue when launching the game on Windows 7
  • Fixed an issue blocking the start of the Holobug cutscene
  • Fixed missing portraits in some story events

Haven Fan Art Contest Winners Revealed!

Posted by on 04.07.21

Hello everyone,

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in Haven community week and in the Haven fan art contest.

We’ve received a lot of submissions! It was so hard for us to narrow it down to just 4, to be quite frank.

Our jury consisted of:

  • Emeric Thoa – Creative Direction, Design, Production
  • Anthony Beyer – Art & Technical Direction
  • Simon <<Hutt>> Troussellier – Art Direction
  • Mylène Lourdel – PR & Marketing (that’s me!)

And without further ado, here are our 4 winners:

1st place is: MeowOwO – Twitter @MurrPurr4

2nd place is: Zoey Time – Artstation / Instagram

3rd place is: iybms – Twitter / Instagram

Coup de Coeur is: Jade – Twitter

Congrats to all 4, we will be in touch shortly about your goodies. 😉

We also want to give a special shout-out to everyone else, because we’re honestly in awe by the amount of fan art we’ve received. So, please enjoy the rest of the submissions below:




Sakura Daikon


Yue Akiyama







And thank you to Tomas who sent us a nice video!

As always, feel free to join us on Discord to come to hang out with the amazing community there: