Haven Community Week is over! Thank you <3

Posted by on 02.24.23

Haven Community Week is now over! Thank you so much for your participation, all the messages and the submissions to the fan art contest. It was fun for us, we hope it was fun for you all too!

You will find below a summary of everything we shared, to be sure you didn’t miss a thing!

  • The Haven Cutest Creatures contest on Twitter is now over and the winner is Salamash (Oink). What a surprise!). We also shared the story behind the names of the creatures in competition.

  • We unveiled a new Haven t-shirt (and you seem to like it a lot). It was exclusive to our team members, but you can win one with the Haven Fan Art contest. It will also be available this Spring when we re-open our merchandise store. Stay tuned!

  • We shared 10 secrets about Haven on Twitter.
  • With the help of our Discord Community, we created a bingo of things you should do while playing Haven. Have you filled it already?
  • You can read a full interview with Florian Coudray, concept artist who created most of the creatures on Source.
  • We shared on YouTube Haven’s credits video, if you haven’t reached the end of the game yet, or just want to enjoy the sensual outro video one more time
  • Our team shared their favorite love stories, if you are looking for recommendations on new things to read, watch or play, it’s here.
  • We shared new wallpapers & the super cute new avatars that Koyorin drew for this Community week.
  • You shared with us which streamers you would like to see playing Haven together, and you had great ideas, thank you!
  • We interviewed Thomas Brasdefer & Diana Díaz Montón about translating Haven, which is available in 9 languages.

Now, the Community Week is over, but the Fan Art Contest is still live for a few more days! I hope you loved it as much as we did.

You can join our Discord or register to our newsletter to stay in touch until the next Community Week!

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