Push up the volume and listen to Haven OST first single!

Posted by on 05.28.20
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Hello everyone,

Have you ever linked a moment in time, a place, and a piece of music together? Do you know that feeling when you hear a song and it brings back memories of a whole chunk of your life? These songs become the soundtrack of your life. In Haven, that’s what we wanted to do as well. Haven is a moment of your life spent with Yu and Kay, alone on a deserted planet, Source. Haven’s soundtrack is like Source: a place. A place where you will forge memories and that we hope will stay with you after you finished the game and turned off the TV.

This is the challenge we gave to DANGER who, we are happy to confirm, is composing the full original soundtrack for the game. You already know DANGER, French electro musician with one foot in the world of music and the other in computer graphics and gaming. He is returning to the spotlight after his first albums « 太鼓 » and “Origins”, and his work on our award-winning game soundtrack for Furi, (remember 6:24 and 7:53 ?!).

We’re making the first single of the original soundtrack 4:42 Still Free available today. You already heard part of it in the game Opening movie, but you can know discover the full track!

You can also listen to it on Steam, Bandcamp and other platforms.

We also invite you to read DANGER exclusive interview HERE where he discloses more on his creative process and the inspirations for his work.

More information will be revealed about the album in the months closer to the game launch. Haven is coming this year to PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation. To stay up to date with the game news you can join our [url=ttps://discord.gg/thegamebakers]Discord Server[/url]! Enjoy!

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