Squids Odyssey Switch available today!

Posted by on 07.05.18
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That’s it, after our all-boss fighter Furi, it’s our first game, the tactical underwater RPG Squids Odyssey that is available on Nintendo Switch. We’re feeling a bit sentimental about bringing our very first game to the Switch, and a bit proud because we think the Switch is the best version so far. We’ve also set up discounts for the launch and for all players who own some of our games.

  • Trailer: https://youtu.be/-zJhJ0k3F3c
  • Press kit: HERE
  • Eshop: US / UK / FR
  • Price: 14,99 € / $ or 13,49 GBP
  • Discounts: 20% off as a launch discount for two weeks (11,99 € / $) + players who own Furi get 15% off on Squids Odyssey and players who own Squids Odyssey get 15% off on Furi too.
  • Review code, question or interview: magic@thegamebakers.com

More info on the game below.

Squids Odyssey is a unique proposition: a tactical turn-based RPG with a twist of fling mechanism. The adventure takes place under the sea. A murky black ooze is seeping into the water, turning once friendly crustaceans into cranky monsters. With their realm under siege, a scrappy shoal of Squid heroes has no choice but to fight back. As they engage in battles against their oily enemies, these unlikely heroes’ squishy bodies serve as their weapons: simply stretch a Squid’s tentacles, aim, then let go to shoot it across the battlefield.

  • challenging tactical RPG: hero classes, stat-boosting helmets, power-ups and the environment add a strategic element to the role-playing gameplay.
  • Build your party from 15 Squids in 4 classes: shooters, scouts, troopers, and healers.
  • Engage in 90+ missions for more than 15 hours of gameplay, plus an expert Pro Mode, with completely redesigned missions, that doubles the game length.
  • Boost your heroes abilities with 65+ barmy helmets.
  • Battle your way through Greek citadels, tropical coral reefs, old West inspired towns and Japanese temples to save your underwater world!
  • Flexible controls: the game is playable with either the touch screen, the joysticks and buttons or the Pro Controller.
  • Includes all content previously released in the Squids series with tons of improvement and tweaks.
  • Game available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian.
  • 2 million players have enjoyed the game on the different platforms.

Also composer Romain Gauthier has remixed the acclaimed soundtrack and added all music ever made for Squids, some tracks unpublished until now.
It’s for free on Bandcamp here.


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