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2018 2014 2011

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Steam Sept 2018
Switch July 2018
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Squids Odyssey is a pretty unique proposition: a tactical turn-based RPG with a good dose of action as you fling your heroes at the enemies. The adventure takes place under the sea, as a murky black ooze is turning once friendly crustaceans into monsters. With their realm under siege, a scrappy shoal of Squid heroes has no choice but to fight back. But the game is not just about jaunty art style, quirky dialogues and cheerful music. Squids Odyssey offers a challenging tactical RPG experience. Hero classes, stat-boosting helmets, power-ups and the levels environment add a strategic element to the role-playing gameplay. The game features 90 missions for 15 hours of gameplay and the Pro Mode, with completely redesigned missions, doubles the challenge.


___ MOBILE: We decided to bring the games Squids and Squids Wild West up to date a new mobile version.Our Squids games are timeless, their award-winning art direction and tactical gameplay make them feel as fresh today as they did in 2011. But still, we had made substantial improvements to Squids Wild West that we wanted to bring to Squids and the devices had evolved. There was also the new chapter of Wakame that we wanted mobile players to discover. So we have packaged the two remastered games into Squids Odyssey that includes a new chapter and lots of improvements. ___ STEAM: A RPG like Squids Odyssey also belongs to Steam! It's a challenging game-play with a great depth of content, strategy, and customization. More than 90 levels, 3 complete chapters of the story, 15 characters to recruit: it's more than 15 hours of game play. It can be pretty challenging too, especially with the Pro Mode with levels completely redesigned, that doubles the game duration. ___ SWITCH: While working on Furi for the Switch, we kept thinking that Squids would be a perfect fit for the console. You can use the touch screen or buttons and sticks, the format is perfect to enjoy the dialogues, the art shines on the small screen but you can also blast it full scale on a big TV, and you can take your game anywhere. For the anecdote, being big fans of Nintendo we always thought that Squids was a perfect game for their platforms. We actually showed it to Nintendo before its release on the App Store! But we think the Switch really makes the game shine, and that it is the best version of the game so far!


  • More than 15 hours of gameplay, 90+ levels plus the Pro Mode with completely redesigned missions!
  • Build your party from 15 different Squids in 4 classes: shooters, scouts, troopers, and healers.
  • Win turn-based battles with strategy and skill, using the environment and your party’s strengths to your advantage.
  • An epic story across four exotic underwater kingdoms: tropical Aukai, Greek-themed Thalas, old West-inspired Seawood, and the Japanese kingdom of Wakame.
  • Boost your heroes abilities with 65+ funky-looking helmets.
  • Controls. For Switch: Flexible controls: the game is playable with either the touch screen, the sticks and buttons or the Pro Controller. For Steam: Control with mouse and keyboard or with a controller.
  • The game is in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian on Switch. Add Japanese, Chinese and Korean on Steam and mobile.


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Trailer Switch YouTube


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Selected Articles

  • "An addictive, quirky little RPG that's high on charm."
    - Ben Briton, The Gamers' Temple
  • "Squids Odyssey offers challenging game-play that can be enjoyed in both bite-sized and in-depth experiences, while providing a great depth of content, strategy, and customization."
    - Scott, Nerd Appropriate
  • "A unique, fun, and lengthy tactical RPG, with plenty of action."
    - Jack Bankhead, Any Day Reviews

Squids Odyssey - Guide book
Overviews of all missions in Squids Odyssey: objectives, secret star location and waves of ennemies thegamebakers.com.

Squids Odyssey - Original Soundtrack
Available from Bandcamp ninomojo.bandcamp.com.


The Game Bakers is an independent video game studio founded by Emeric Thoa and Audrey Leprince. To sum it up they often say that they make games like they cook food: with a lot of love. They want to create that experience that players remember, that they will have fantasies about long after the game is finished, and that makes them feel alive and energized. The studio is based in Montpellier in France but they work with a team of collaborators around the world. Their upcoming game is their cosy RPG HAVEN due for 2020. They previously released their frenzied boss battle only game FURI on all platforms, and before that their tactical RPG underwater series SQUIDS ODYSSEY and mobile brawler COMBO CREW.

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Squids Odyssey Credits

Emeric Thoa
Creative Director, The Game Bakers

Audrey Leprince
Executive Producer, The Game Bakers

Nam Hoang
Technical Director, Programmer, The Game Bakers

Jerome Renéaume
Artistic Director, Freelancer

And many other amazing folks here:
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