SQUIDS Comic App + game content updates available today on the App Store

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We are very happy to announce that the SQUIDS [tentacular] universe just got its first extension today with the launch of the SQUIDS Comics and the first two episodes of SQUIDS To the Edge of the Sea. It was also a great occasion to craft a surprise for our fans: today SQUIDS and SQUIDS Wild West get free updates on the App Store with new content and in particular The Ballad of Clint and Sammo, a mini-comic book in two parts that reveals how the mighty Sammo first crossed path with the most wanted Squids Clint! The comic book dives into that exciting part of the backstory when Steev, Clint and the team set to find the missing Winnick with the hope to stop the Black Torrent for good. But they uncover fragments of Winnick youth that send them to perilous new adventures, tracking the extraordinary crew of a ancient pirate ship on which Winnick was a sailor and discovering some dangerous secrets on the way. The book has been created in collaboration with the talented team at APE Entertainment who already used their magic on properties like Pocket God or Cut the Rope. We are extremely happy with the amazing art and swashbuckling story and confident that it will appeal to fans and comic book lovers as well. SQUIDS Comics for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch is available today on the App Store for 0.99$ and includes episode 1 and episode 2 for a limited time. Get it here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/squids-comics/id575341357?ls=1&mt=8 Check the official press release from APE Entertainment below.

Squids To the Edge of the Sea – Cover Art by Jérome Renéaume

Squids To the Edge of the Sea – page 2

The Ballad of Clint and Sammo – Art by Jérome Renéaume

– – – – – Ape Entertainment Brings Aquatic Action to App Store with Squids Comic App SAN DIEGO, Calif. – November 29, 2012 – Ape Entertainment, in association with independent game developer The Game Bakers, today unleashed a wave of adventure onto the App Store—the Squids Comic App for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Exploring the backstory of the chart-topping game series, “Squids,” the comic app is priced at $.99, which includes the first issue and, for a limited time, the second issue at no additional cost. Additionally, SQUIDS and SQUIDS Wild West get free updates on the App Store with new content and in particular The Ballad of Clint and Sammo, a mini-comic book in two parts that reveals how the mighty Sammo first crossed path with the most wanted Squids Clint. As for the comic app, Issue No. 1, entitled “SQUIDS: TO THE EDGE OF THE SEA,” dives into the deepest part of the story when our heroes Steev, Clint, and the others investigate the secrets of the missing Winnick to uncover the mystery of the Black Torrent. And what they find kicks off a swashbuckling adventure like none the Seven Kingdoms have ever seen. “We had a blast developing the SQUIDS universe with the input from the talented crew at APE. We are confident the comic book will appeal to fans of the series and to comic book lovers as well,” said Audrey Leprince, The Game Bakers’ COO and cofounder. But wait, there’s more cephalopod-tastic excitement in Issue No. 2, KA-POW! It’s the continuation to our wall-busting first issue. Did Steev get in over his helmet? Can Clint rally the Squids against their Oozy opponents and save Winnick’s home—and its many secrets—from the grasp of the nefarious Baron? Will anybody be able to catch that book-snatching shrimp? Find out when the action continues in SQUIDS: TO THE EDGE OF THE SEA #2! For more information, please visit www.ape-entertainment.com or https://www.thegamebakers.com/. About Ape Entertainment Founded in 2003, Ape Entertainment is the brainchild of lifelong comic book devotees David Hedgecock, and Brent E. Erwin. Ape Entertainment is the comic book home to innovative new titles such as LITTLE GREEN MEN, SCOUTS, and HERO WITHIN. Ape is also the North American publisher for licensed properties THE PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR, KUNG FU PANDA, RICHIE RICH, CASPER, STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE, POCKET GOD, and CUT THE ROPE. Visit Ape Entertainment online at http://www.ApeComics.com. About The Game Bakers The Game Bakers is an independent video game studio based in France. Founded and staffed by industry veterans whose credits include numerous AAA console games, The Game Bakers focuses on creative projects that combine traditional gaming values with the best of the mobile experience. Their first game, SQUIDS, has had more than one million downloads since its October 2011 launch and can be enjoyed on iOS, Android, Mac, and PC. A sequel, SQUIDS Wild West, went live on the App Store in June 2012. To learn more, visit the company’s website at https://www.thegamebakers.com. The Game Bakers are also on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/thegamebakers) and Twitter (http://twitter.com/thegamebakers). ### Media Contacts AppMotionPR for Ape Entertainment Greg Dawson 509-901-7444 greg@appmotionpr.com Audrey Leprince The Game Bakers hello@thegamebakers.com

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