Speedrun Furi in the hardest difficulty, unlock content with the TGB code, new avatars and big discounts on all stores.

Posted by on 06.30.17

For our Speedrunners on Steam looking for an extra challenge, we are releasing next week a Beta version of Furi with the Speedrun mode in Furier difficulty! The One More Fight DLC bosses The Flame and Bernard are included in the mode for the complete challenge. Follow us on @thegamebakers or Facebook.com/thegamebakers for the release next week.

We are also revealing Furi secret TGB code. There is a cheat code on Furi’s main screen, it unlocks the Speedrun mode and the Furier difficulty from a fresh save, you don’t have to finish the game to try them, and it lets you change the game main screen. Check it here: https://youtu.be/zdbDZMkfl7E

We will be releasing soon some new free Avatars for PlayStation players.

And the game is reaching record discounts on most stores for the season sales50% off for the Steam Summer Sales, 50% off for the PlayStation US Mid Year sale, etc. Get your copy now if you haven’t yet!



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