Furi’s First Official Race !

Posted by on 09.20.16

We are happy to announce Furi’s First Official Race!


Twitch! The event is being hosted by RealMyop and will be streamed live on his channel here. During the event, three selected top runners’ races will be broadcasted. RealMyop and Emeric Thoa, Furi’s creative director, will comment on the races. We expect some of the world best players on PS4 and PC to be joining, to race or even to comment during the races. It will be in English and French.


The race will take place on Wednesday September 28th at 8PM GMT (3PM Eastern time, noon Pacific time, 21h à Paris).



  • Anyone can join, as long as you have some way of broadcasting your run during the race on either PC or PS4
  • Runners must stream their run to Twitch.tv
  • PC and PS4 players must create an account on SpeedRunsLive in order to validate their run. We are using this site to moderate and organize the tune, so make sure to get your account set up if you don’t have one already.
  • Any runners not joining the official SRL race or not streaming will be disqualified.
  • On September 26th (2 days before the event), we will select the top 3 players playing on PC that have expressed interest in the race. They will be the ones who  have their run broadcasted.
  • Speedrun Mode will be used and IGT will be the defining factor in the times set.
  • If you are a PS4 player but want to give it a try on PC with your PS4 controller, we provide you with a code of the game on Steam

Video presentation in French about the race here – English below!


  • First Place: Winner will receive the Furi Soundtrack on 2xLP Vinyl, a Furi T-Shirt (any color), and a Furi poster.
  • Second Place: Player will receive a Furi T-shirt (any color), and a Furi wall poster
  • Third Place: Player will receive a Furi poster
  • Participation: Any player with a time under 1 hour will receive a 30% off discount code to be used on Furi merch store http://furi.hitpoint.tv/


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