Furi Switch – Version differences

Posted by on 01.12.18

That’s it! Furi is available on Switch and that makes us very happy and proud. The players’ response so far is extremely positive and the press seems to validate the quality of the port.

Some players asked if there was any differences with the other versions (PS4, XboxOne, PC). There are some minor differences indeed, that I will list below. I won’t talk about the small technical optimisations we did. For instance, in the other versions, the hair and coat of the main character are rendered with physics, and in the Switch version, we made all the movements within the animations. It looks almost better, and saves a lot of frames. The list below focuses on differences that affect gameplay.

Difficulty balancing

The bosses HP has been reduced by 20% in long range combat only, and in Furi difficulty mode only.
After a year of watching players and getting feedback, we felt that the Switch version could benefit from a minor difficulty tweak. Because we think that difficulty is key to make a boss memorable, we didn’t take that change lightly. We asked Switch owners who never played Furi to come to the studio and playtest this new balancing. The didn’t feel it was to easy – oh boy no they didn’t.
They difficulty tweak doesn’t remove what’s difficult in the game (learning the patterns, the time required to parry or dodge), but makes retrying a little bit less tedious. I guess for the speedrunners competing on the global ladder, this means the Switch version is a different category.

Shoot patterns optimisation

Some shoot patterns have been modified to improve the performances on Switch.
This can mean: reducing the amount of bullets but increasing their size, reducing their time on screen, or designing a new pattern. It only affects a handful of patterns in the game, but was necessary to keep a smooth framerate.
You can see on this video that visually, the game is on par with the PS4 version, but you can also see the difference in one of the shoot pattern from The Chain (around 2:10):

(Note: in this video, the audio on Switch was badly compressed. There is no audio difference between the PS4 and the Switch, we double checked).

No speedrun leaderboards, but a « Furier Speedrun » mode

There are no global leaderboards in the Switch version, but on the other hand you can speedrun the game in Furier difficulty, which includes The Flame and Bernard (the DLC « One More Fight » bosses). The Speedrun in Furier is not available on other consoles.

« One More Fight » unlocks after finishing the game once

The PS4 & PC DLC « One More Fight » unlocks after getting any ending in Furi mode (also true for the secret ending in The Song level).
It also unlocks if you use the TGB code: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdbDZMkfl7E

That’s all the differences there are with the PS4 and PC version.

14 Responses to “Furi Switch – Version differences”

  1. François dit :

    Hi awesome team of the game bakers!
    Huge fan there, bought on xbox on and switch. I have been evangelise this game to relatives and friends 😉
    Anyway, I feel on switch was indeed easier. (I dont know if it’s because I beat the game (more like it beat me 200 hundreds time) but I had a much easier experience. Although, I would play it again on the switch system over the xbox.
    You guys are awesome and I can’t thank ylu enough for porting it to nintendo. Merci beaucoup et bonne chance dans vos futur projet!

    • Emeric dit :

      Well, the game is a little bit easier on Switch, but I believe 90% of the feeling you have is because you have already completed the game. If you want a challenge, you can try the Furier difficulty, it’s really a new challenge, and it’s the same difficulty on all platforms. Thanks for playing!

      • François dit :

        Indeed, that’s what I thought. I sure want to get beat and punish by the furier mode 🙂 thank you again! It is an excellent game.
        (Sorry for the typos error of my previous comment, it was at night and was written in my phone :s)

  2. ninja277 dit :

    hi there GB,

    absolutely love the game. I havent had time due to family committments w finishing the furier challenge on xbox but have poured a ton of hours into the game and even after a year think how amazing the combat flow and soundtrack are.

    it is a completely unique experience and i hope that by xmas we get some teasers about a spiritual successor to the game.

    glad all ur hard work seems to be paying off and good luck with anything else you guys do. i will be watching.

  3. Steven Diehl dit :

    Why no leaderboard on the switch? It’s a huge bummer to be speedrunning and not be able to see my times up against other switch players’ times.

    • Emeric dit :

      Unfortunately, this was a complex dev on Switch for a too small community. Sorry about that. Even though the Switch version has some tweaks that doesn’t make it 100% comparable to the PC/PS4/XboxOne versions, you can still check the official worldwide leaderboard here: https://www.speedrun.com/Furi
      Thanks for playing Furi!

  4. Andrew dit :

    I love this game so much. I convinced several of my friends to buy it and they were not disappointed… On PS4 that is. I’m not the best in the world by any means, but I consider myself to be very good at this game. I have the platinum trophy, I know the most efficient ways to deal with the bosses, and I can come back to the game after a couple of months and still perform quite well. I started the Switch version recently and thought that the normal difficulty was a bit too easy (now I know why) but I was hopeful that you didn’t touch Furier difficulty. Unfortunately it has definitely been altered. Besides the occasional freeze when a boss is performing a complicated attack (which usually results in me taking a cheap hit) the changes to projectiles that you’ve made have made certain things completely different. Look at the final phase of The Line on PS4. Now look at it on Switch. On the PS4 version the purple balls are incredibly difficult to avoid while on the Switch version they can all be dodged by simply walking around the edge of the stage. It’s no comparison. The Line has one of the most difficult final phases in the game but on the Switch it’s an absolute joke. I am currently testing other things as well, and as of right now it would certainly seem as though some things have slightly less health than they are supposed to. In addition dodging certain attacks seems easier. Needless to say, I’m disappointed. Admittedly, however, I’m not surprised since Nintendo isn’t allowed to have difficult games anymore. If the Switch isn’t capable of handling the game in its original glory because the hardware is garbage, then it doesn’t deserve it.

    PS. Thank you for making this masterpiece.

    • Emeric dit :

      Hi Andrew!
      Well thanks a lot for playing and for spreading the love!
      However – you are not the first – I think the fact that you played the Switch version after becoming an ace on the PS4 version alters your judgement. It’s true that some patterns were modified for performances purposes (it has nothing to do with Nintendo, they don’t have a say in the balancing of our game ;-), but in Furier, the health of the characters, the damages, the timings for dodging are exactly the same. You just got too good, that’s all 😉


      • Andrew dit :

        I’m serious about The Line. I’ve played them back-to-back on the Switch and then on PS4 immediately after, and the last phase is very different. Please look at each one right in a row. I can consistently beat that phase on the Switch without getting hit, while on the PS4 I’m lucky if I can beat it with more than 1 hp left.

        • Andrew dit :

          To clarify, I understand that the changes were made to the projectiles out of necessity, I’m just saying that it makes it far easier.

  5. kbenz dit :

    Hey Game Bakers! I’m loving Furi immensely and kind of sad that it won’t get a sequel (but I get it – the best stories are ones that come to an end). Really love all the characters, they are just the coolest. I wanted to ask – is The Hand inspired by a certain Lord of Winterfell?:D
    Anyway, I can’t wait for what you have in store; I’m really looking forward to your next game.

    • Emeric dit :

      Thanks a lot for the support :-).
      About The Hand, he is the source of multiple inspirations and also original ideas of course, but the Starks where not really part of that. Instead, the character Hector from L’Iliade (Homère) who fights Achilles with courage and honor (and yet dies). Eric Bana does a great job with him in the movie Troy, better than Brad Pitt in Achilles, if you ask me.
      I hope you’ll like our futur games as well ;-). Thanks for playing Furi!

      • kbenz dit :

        O man, I made a total miss XD! I’ve been telling all my friends it’s Ned Stark in Rave Armor. Ahh well, yes I can see the semblance to Hector now that you mention it. I agree, Eric Bana’s acting is top notch compared to Brad Pitt in Troy. Thanks again for this wonderful game and for answering my silly question! I’m a forever fan! Take care!

  6. Vivija dit :

    Thank you to have released it on Switch !
    I think i have bought it 3 times now…and not even regret it !
    I think the game feel easier on normal mode and the type control is different from the xbox control as the parry cannot be on L as the d type on xbox controller.
    The furier mode is the same appart for some attacks from the strap and the song mainly with purple attacks.
    I love so much this game in my top 5 all games included, really memorable.
    Thank you Game Bakers for making such a great game in those times where innonvation is not that easy. this game is a route with strong belief.