Furi Freedom Update available now – time to get started on the game?

Posted by on 04.04.19

Hello fighters,

We’re happy to launch today a free update to Furi: the Freedom Update. With the update we’re bringing features and content developed for Furi over the last months to players on all platforms. The update includes the Invincible Mode, elusive boss Bernard, Speedrun in Furier and a new control scheme.

PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and GOG.com versions are updated with their respective new content (see details below). The content has already been made available on Steam.

It’s also a great time to get started on the game that is heavily discounted up to 70% off (55% off on Switch, 70% off on Xbox One in the Deal with Gold, 65% off on GoG.com, 65% off on Steam starting April 4 10AM PT). Furi’s tee-shirts, posters, artbook and soundtracks are also on sale up to 50% off on our store.

Come and discuss the update with Furi’s community on our on our Discord server.

Here’s a  new trailer for the occasion!

What to expect exactly in the update:

  • PS4Invincible Mode, Speedrun in Furier, Controls D. (You already have Bernard if you own Furi Definitive Edition or Furi and its DLC One More Fight)
  • Switch: Invincible Mode, Controls D. (You already have Bernard and Speedrun in Furier).
  • Xbox One: Bernard as extra boss, Invincible Mode, Speedrun in Furier, Controls D, replace HUD option.
  • GoG.comInvincible Mode, Speedrun in Furier, Controls D. (You already have Bernard if you own Furi and its DLC One More Fight).
  • Steam: All this content as already been made available to you over the last months. (You already have Bernard if you own Furi Definitive Edition or Furi and its DLC One More Fight)
  • Limited Run on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, game and Collector Edition: the update should reach them in the following days.
  • Note: EA Origin, We Game, and some Asian versions are not updated.

More information on this extra content:

Bernard – Emeric Thoa our Creative Director and Benjamin Le Moullec Furi’s Combat Designer carefully designed each of the boss fights. They chose the weapons and special attacks, patterns, variations, phases, etc. To test the fights they used a prototype arena and boss, that the team nicknamed Bernard. As they were looking for a way to create an extra boss fight for the community, they thought about Bernard. They took inspiration from the best of all the bosses and designed a mashup boss fight using the prototype arena and character. Bernard might not look good but he certainly will give you a good fight!

Invincible mode – Furi’s been called difficult, but it’s also been praised for its visual universe, meaningful story or high energy soundtrack. Some players told us that the game was too difficult to master for them, and that they regretted to miss out on the story and the universe. That’s why we designed the Invincible mode. The Invincible mode is a set of commands that can be used to become invincible, skip a fight, skip or lock a certain phase in a fight, or weaken a boss. It enables anyone to enjoy the audiovisual and narrative experience that is Furi. But the Invincible mode also proves handy for the most hardcore players who want to practice their fight, in particular speedrunners looking to improve their record.

Speedrun in Furier – After you speedrun the game in Furi (normal) difficulty, you can now try to speedrun it in Furier (hard) difficulty. It takes less than 45 minutes to the best in the world to beat the game in Furier difficulty! Will you add your name to the top of the leaderboards?

We’ve also added a new control scheme D that helps dodging or parrying while shooting/slashing, and was designed based on discussions with the game community. Last, the update includes several improvements and minor fixes.

The update name has been chosen by Furi’s community on our Discord server!

Hope you enjoy those additions to Furi !

Audrey for The Game Bakers team

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