Furi Community Week – Interview with The Toxic Avenger!

Posted by on 11.07.22

Hi Furist!

We know how much you love Furi’s soundtrack, as we receive a ton of feedback about it. And it’s keeps going strong, and we regularly hear from players who discovered the game through its music! This community week is the perfect time to share some up-to-date data on the success of the OST.

Thanks to the spectacular work of Danger, Carpenter Brut, The Toxic Avengers,  Waveshaper, SCATTLE, kn1ght & Lorn, streaming equals to over 600 years of listening 😱.

To celebrate the community week, we had a chat with The Toxic Avenger about his work on the OST.

Hello, you worked on Furi’s original soundtrack and composed two tracks and in particular Make This Right, that became emblematic of the game, and was in the launch trailer. Can you introduce yourself to those who don’t know you?
Sure! My name is Simon, I’ve been making electronic music for almost 25 years now, I’ve released 5 albums and participated in several movies and video games soundtracks.

What is your connection to video games?
I am 40 years old, I started playing with Galaga on NES, which means I’ve been playing for almost 35 years. At times a lot, at times a little, but there is always something to play near me. For the last ten years I’ve been able to see the behind the scenes of gaming and work together with video game creators.

For Furi, it was the first time you composed for a video game. How was the collaboration, and how did you approach this new adventure?
It was indeed the first time I composed original tracks!
My music had already been used in games like Need For Speed or Watch Dogs.
The collaboration went very well in the sense that I understood quickly what The Game Bakers wanted, and they also understood me very well, it’s always very nice to understand each other!
I took the work to heart because I know the influence that video games can have, and I was immediately charmed by the little I could see of the game before working on it.

In Furi, the music adapts to what is happening in the fight, especially the phases of the bosses. How did you manage this?
For me, it was a first! Composing differently. When a character moves from A to B, let’s say, B being a more tense moment in the game than A, the music has to adapt, become denser, and intensify.
For that, I had to compose in parts of tracks, with layers of layers and elements that can be assembled and removed if the player decides all of a sudden to go back closer to point A. I had to cut the track as in making different scenes, a bit like movie editing… but I don’t know if I’m very clear 😀

What was your biggest inspiration to compose Make This Right & My Only Chance?
I was lucky that The Game Bakers approached me and asked me to do what I am used to doing! So it was very easy for me, but obviously, the big inspiration was what I saw of the game. Graphically it influenced me a lot, it looked sumptuous!

What do you enjoy most about composing for video games?
To wake up the teenager in me (he’s never really asleep anyway). I also love to make music to the image.

Thank you! Do you have any news to share for our players?
Yes! I just released my new album, a double album in fact! It’s called « Yes future » and I’m pretty proud of it!

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