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We hope you had a great summer. On our side we kept busy: we launched Haven physical editions with Limited Run and we were working on the first content update for Haven… And that’s it, it’s ready: Sweet Little Things is available today for free, on every platform!

The update brings in particular:

  • Two new costumes for Yu and Kay: « Streetwear » the hot style in the street, and « Top/Truth » inspired by the style of their origin planets.
  • A meloglide: music is a huge part of Haven’s experience. Now, you will be able to choose which track of the OST by Danger to listen to while chilling in the Nest or exploring Source.
  • A concept art gallery: we know many of you love concept art and we wanted to share a bit of the making of Haven, and the work of our talented art team.
  • A new kiss for our two lovers.
  • A Theme for your PS4 background
  • And many quality of life improvements based on your feedback.

We hope you will enjoy it ❤️.

You can read the full patch note below!


Patch note – « Sweet Little Things » – Content Update 30/09/2021

Versions number:

  • Steam, GoG, Epic: v1.1.258
  • Switch: v1.1.250
  • PS5: v1.1.246
  • PS4 SIEA: v1.1.246
  • PS4 SIEE/SIEJA Asia/SIEJA Japan: v1.1.255
  • XBOX One, Series/ PC UWP: v1.1.246

Common to all platforms:

New features:

  • Two new outfits for Yu and Kay: “Streetwear” and “Top / Truth”. They can be worn after finishing the game 
  • A Meloglide to listen to the game music of your choice while roaming or hanging out in the Nest after finishing the game 
  • A gallery to discover artworks and concept art from the making of the game, they unlock during the game


  • Load save menu now shows your progression in terms of ship parts and equipment
  • Multiple capsules can now be crafted at once
  • After cooking, it’s now possible to choose which dish to eat
  • Bonus loot is now rewarded when pacifying multiple creatures at the same time during combat
  • Alternative kiss animation added
  • Some settings can now be configured differently between the first and second player in co-op
  • Added more sounds and visual effects to several menus

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed main menu music stuttering sometimes
  • Fixed the scrolling behavior in the settings menu
  • Fixed an issue when starting a new game where the intro cutscene wouldn’t play
  • Fixed a case where characters would keep their spoon in hand in a post-meal dialog
  • Fixed a dialog about slugs dividing into two. They now do.
  • Fixed a music overlap problem when exiting camping
  • Fixed vibrations that continued when skipping some cutscenes
  • Fixed several typos in some texts and dialogs

Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS5

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue blocking the start of the Holobug cutscene
  • Fixed missing portraits in some story events

Nintendo Switch


  • Balancing on the rust needed to craft, upgrade and repair
  • Flowburst ability doesn’t consume flow anymore
  • Added a generic animation when using the shower after exhausting every dialog
  • Prevented Beruberu to start fighting during the flow burst tutorial
  • Bridges guarded by Tamajus open automatically after the player uses a flow burst
  • Grass in the menu looks better, even when it’s far
  • Added sound effects when interacting with a Nokk creature
  • Improved character animations and navigation
  • Allowed characters to jump more often
  • Improved creatures animations and navigation
  • Islets can be cleared even if there is still a nightcrawler roaming
  • The anti-gravity sticks can’t be missed anymore
  • Added a field of view option

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue blocking the start of the Holobug cutscene
  • Fixed a black screen if returning to the main menu while characters are in a building
  • Fixed a bug where the game appears blocked due to a tutorial’s popup being hidden
  • Fixed a bug on the climb interaction when Birble is leaving the islet after a bait
  • Fixed a bug where players could miss the event to upgrade the gloves after repairing the last ship part
  • Fixed a bug where players could miss a mandatory cutscene before the end
  • Fixed a bug where a character could end at 0 hp after combat
  • Fixed islet descriptions that did not update properly while being discovered
  • Fixed a bug that could get the Beruberu stuck if the heroes lose it by gliding onto a flying flow thread
  • Fixed visual glitches on creatures walking close to the edge of an islet
  • Fixed controls issues while cooking
  • Fixed a visual glitch on the Nest greenhouse visual
  • Fixed the duplicated guitar glitch in the Nest
  • Fixed the last seed dialog playing twice
  • Fixed a soft lock on the credits scrolling when players played the epilogue twice in the same session
  • Fixed the cooking reward popup that wasn’t allowing the gamepad stick to be used
  • Fixed a bug on the capsule tutorial dialog in combat
  • Fixed missing portraits in some story events
  • Fixed some typos
  • Misc bug fixes


New features:

  • Added a free PS4 dynamic theme that can be recovered in the gallery menu

PC Windows


  • Keyboard and mouse controls rebind overhaul

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an infinite loading issue when launching the game on Windows 7
  • Fixed an issue blocking the start of the Holobug cutscene
  • Fixed missing portraits in some story events
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