From the Bakery #3 – Back from the shows!

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Haven – Back from the shows

It was a blast to show Haven at Gamescom, PAX West and Tokyo Game Show. We had a playable demo, featuring the beginning of the game. It was great to meet with some of you there, but for those of you who didn’t get the chance to play, here’s a 5 mn extract from the demo. Have a look of the best moments from the demo.

Thank you to everyone that came to play the game and shared their impressions. Haven has received a few accolades and awards during the shows:

Here’s a few of quotes from the previews and coverage about the game:

  • « Boasting a gorgeous art style, a world steeped in mystery and intrigue, and a premise so affecting it’s surprising to consider how fresh it is, Haven is an RPG like none before it. » Gamespot
  • « In the demo I played, the little touches went a long way. (…) Soaring, tumbling, and freewheeling through a not-quite-endless diamond sky felt good. It was exhilarating, but also chill« . Kotaku
  • « Haven‘s combat is a system that has a lot of potential to be pretty cool, and I can’t wait to see what more it offers. Combine that with some great writing, awesome music, and a nice visual style, and Haven is ticking all the boxes. » Tech Raptor
  • « Haven quite masterfully encapsulates the warm feel of being in love, of having to rely on and be relied on by another person. (…) Haven is an odd step forward, but one that works with such a stirring beauty to both its presentation and gameplay. » Goomba Stomp
  • « We really love what Haven is going for. A co-op, narrative RPG with sassy, fully voiced characters is something we think would get a lot of love out of your two Joy-Cons.«  Nintendo Life 

Pictures from our stands on the different shows (top left our booth at PAX West on Indie Mega Booth, top right Gamescom, bottom left Haven at The Mix during PAX, bottom right Haven at Tokyo Game Show):

Haven – Wallpapers

When showing the game we had an amazing reception for … our loading screens! They made players smile and comment. We designed the loadings screens around the idea of Yu and Kay’s « First times »: the first times they kissed, made love, fought, or found themselves in those very simple yet special moments when you’re with someone you love and loves you back.
There was a lot of demand for them as posters, stickers… So we’ve gathered some of those artworks as wallpapers to make your desktop smile!
Go here to download the wallpapers in high resolution.



Haven – Goodies

For the shows we also produced some of Haven first goodies: posters, stickers, cards. Mylène even got herself some prototype Haven tee-shirts. You also might remember that we developed some nice goodies for Furi: tee-shirts, vinyl, posters, artbook… you can refresh your memory here:
We’d love to hear your thoughts about the must have goodies you’d like to see for Haven. Don’t hesitate to get in touch or join our Discord server to share your thoughts.

The Red String Clubs

We fell in love with Deconstructeam‘s game The Red Strings Club. We loved the game so much we made a lovely Switch version. If you like a good cyberpunk story that will move you and make you think, or have always wanted to be a bar tender: the game is for you.
Give it a try!  Here on Switch, or here on Steam

Playtesters wanted!

If you are in France, Montpellier, and would like to participate in Haven’s playtests, you’re in luck as we are looking for new players. The playtest sessions last about 2 hours and will take place until the end of the year. You’re welcome even if you are not a French speaker.
Apply directly by writing to
More info here:

Thank you

We’ve been amazed by the fan arts from this community and we received the first fan art for Haven! We can’t share them all, but thank you to all of you who made some art inspired by one of our games. You are so talented!






















Yu by Katsuvy (ordered by Mantra)


Rider by A-Ryno // Rider by xShibito

Gender bending Rider Nikoneda‏ @Game_B

To discuss further, or to give us feedback, head to our Discord server.

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