Furi’s line-up of musicians, soundtrack and concert

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That’s it, after months of working undercover with amazing musicians to compose Furi’s music we are happy to unveil everything we have prepared around the game’s music: the line-up of musicians who collaborated, the soundtrack and a concert this summer in Paris!

Furi was conceived from the early days with and for electro music, and those who follow the game know that CARPENTER BRUT composed several tracks for our electrifying boss fight game. We are happy to announce that we had the chance to collaborate with seven ultra-talented musical artists who have all composed original creations: CARPENTER BRUT, DANGER, LORN, SCATTLE, THE TOXIC AVENGER, WAVESHAPER and KN1GHT.


As we were designing Furi cyber-fantasy universe – with Takashi Okazaki at the character design – we always had electro music in mind. We selected tracks from existing albums to illustrate the guardians in our reference videos. Very naturally, we ended up with a short list of musicians we dreamed to have on board: CARPENTER BRUT, DANGER, LORN, SCATTLE, THE TOXIC AVENGER, WAVESHAPER and KN1GHT. From there, we only needed to convince them to join the project! We were lucky that those ultra talented – and very busy – artists understood Furi’s unique proposition and agreed to join the adventure.


In many ways Furi was inspired by our experience of martial arts and boxing, and it’s particularly true for the music. For Furi we have been working on recreating the sensations you would be getting from a very intense fight – a duel to the death. We chose the music to convey the tension slowly rising as you approach the next arena and discover more about your formidable opponent. The music that gets you pumped up for the next combat, chases the fear away, and conveys the fury and relentlessness of the high stake fights. The music that fits the tempo of the fight itself, and works with Furi’s gameplay that is also very rhythmic.

It wasn’t always easy to brief the musicians on the guardians, especially early in the game development. For some guardians we had videos of the fight, but for others we only had a drawing by Takashi-san. The musicians also designed dynamic music, in loops that fit the game play evolution throughout the phases of the combat and react to the players inputs. All of that while we were still developing the game!


But the result speaks for itself: they totally managed to capture the soul of each guardian. Their moody compositions convey the bosses intimidating personalities, their unique style, their motivation to fight, and bring an extra dimension to the world of Furi. Their collaboration also give a very unique tone to Furi’s soundtrack.

Of course we wanted to share the soundtrack with the game and musicians fans. We partnered with music label G4F and set-up furi.bandcamp.com so you can discover the first tracks. And for the fans of physical objects, Takashi Okazaki designed a collector double vinyl edition, with its stunning contrast between the pure white glossy outside with silver leaf print, and the dark ambiance inside.


To celebrate this extraordinary collaboration, we are holding a one-of-a kind live concert in Paris this summer with four of the game musicians: CARPENTER BRUT, THE TOXIC AVENGER, WAVESHAPER and KN1GHT. They will play an original set with never heard before tracks from the game together with their latest hits or all time favorite. The concert will take place in one of Paris most mythical clubs, La Machine du Moulin Rouge, Friday July 8th and last a good part of the night. We hope to see you there!

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