A screenshot exporter for the App Store and Google Play

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Overview: this is a tool that helps exporting screenshots with localized text in all the different resolutions required by the Apple App Store and Google Play. 

If you are a mobile game developer and have published some apps, you probably have prepared screenshots for the different stores, in varied resolutions, and maybe different languages.


For Squids and Combo Crew, we published the game on the App Store and Google Play. The App Store is 5 screenshots of 3 different resolutions (iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPad) and Google Play has also 5 screenshots of 2 resolutions that are different from the iOS ones (7 and 10 inches). We also have localized the game in over 8 languages and we had some text on the screenshots, that we wanted localized as well. That makes a total of 5 x 5 x 8 = 200 screenshots to export manually.

It’s ok, it’s an hour of grunt work for sure, but anyone can do it. But when for some reason you want to update something, a text or a picture, that’s another round of manual exports and that’ll become a bit annoying.

We had a very resourceful intern (thanks again Hannes!) who wrote a handy photoshop script that will export all the screenshots for all resolutions from a well set up photoshop file. It’ll save you time for the initial export, and if you have to update something later on, you’ll just have to update the picture or the text once and watch the script do the rest for you.

Here is how it work:

1. Download this package that includes the script and a photoshop template file.

Note: there are two scripts, one for exporting in JPG and one in PNG. I recommend using the JPG one for the stores, as the files will be lighter and upload faster.

2. Open the .psd file and look at it:

– HowTo is just a reminder of how the script works.
– Sizes are just reminders of the different resolutions.
– Screen1.jpg, Screen2.jpg… are the folders with your 5 screenshots for the App Store and Google Play.


Note that the file is 2726×1536 in size. That’s the iPad retina resolution with the iPhone 5’s ratio. If you optimize for the iPad retina you probably already do your UI and full screen elements with this in mind. If you don’t have 2726 wide screenshot, you can always resize the file to a 1280 or 1136 width after having done the iPad retina ones.

3. Fill with your content:

– Replace the screenshots with yours.
– Replace the text background, or delete it if you don’t need it.
– Enter your texts in the « txt » folder. The layer names will be used in the filenames later on.
Attention: make sure you don’t go further than the boundaries so that the text isn’t cropped on iPad.

4. Export:

– Once this is done, select the screenshot you want to export (a visible layer must be selected for the script to work).
– Click on ExportScreenshotsJPG.jsx. A popup will ask you to confirm you want to launch this script. Go back to photoshop and go make yourself a coffee while it works.
– All the files are going to appear in the « out » folder.

Here an example with only one screenshot and two languages:


Hopefully this will save you some time like it did for us!

SQUIDS Odyssey Tactical RPG Now Available in the Nintendo eShop on Wii U

Posted by on 05.22.14
Commentaires fermés sur SQUIDS Odyssey Tactical RPG Now Available in the Nintendo eShop on Wii U

That’s it, our Squids are moving onto Nintendo platforms. SQUIDS Odyssey is now available on the Nintendo eShop on Wii U. Our tactical RPG with an epic adventure storyline, crisp cartoon graphics, and strategic, turn-based gameplay feels well at home in the Nintendo line up. If you knew our previous Squids games, SQUIDS Odyssey is the ultimate SQUIDS compilation. It includes all content previously released, with tons of improvement (Pro Mode on the whole game!), a new chapter that continues the adventure in the kingdom of Wakame, a new Squid warrior and new helmets. But for the fans the most exciting will probably be the awesome controls with the pad, especially for those of you who love Scouts! Get it on Wii U here:

Coming soon on Nintendo 3DS!

And the trailer:

Full press release below

– – – – – –


SQUIDS Odyssey Tactical RPG Now Available in the Nintendo eShop on Wii U

The Game Bakers’ Squid heroes make console debut in an epic underwater adventure

MONTPELIER, France – May 22, 2014 – Independent developer The Game Bakers have just pulled their latest delicacy from the oven, and SQUIDS are on the menu! Gamers hungry for a tactical RPG with an epic adventure storyline, crisp cartoon graphics, and strategic, turn-based gameplay can now download SQUIDS Odyssey in the Nintendo eShop on the Wii U™ system. The game will also release for the Nintendo 3DS™ hand-held system in the near future. In SQUIDS Odyssey, a murky black ooze is seeping into the water, turning crustaceans into cranky monsters. With their peaceful realm under siege, a scrappy shoal of Squid heroes has no other choice but to fight back. During turn-based battles against their oily enemies, these unlikely heroes’ squishy bodies serve as their best weapons: simply stretch a Squid’s tentacles, aim, then let go to shoot it across the battlefield. Four hero classes, stat-boosting helmets, and power-ups add a strategic element to the role-playing gameplay. To control the Squids, players can use the Left Stick to aim and shoot, or go “hands on” to stretch the Squids’ tentacles on the Wii U™ GamePad touch screen. The game can be enjoyed in high definition on the TV, or in Off-TV-Mode played exclusively on the GamePad. SQUIDS Odyssey Features:

  • Build your party from 15 different Squids in four classes—shooters, scouts, troopers, and healers
  • Win turn-based battles with strategy and skill, using the environment and your party’s strengths to your advantage
  • Lose yourself in an epic story across four exotic underwater kingdoms
  • Engage in 90+ missions for more than 15 hours of gameplay in the main storyline, plus an expert Pro Mode that doubles the game length and provides extra challenge
  • Boost your heroes abilities with 65+ fun and funky-looking helmets

The Game Bakers’ SQUIDS games have had more than two million downloads since their 2011 debut on mobile. As the franchise’s first appearance on consoles, SQUIDS Odyssey is the ultimate SQUIDS compilation that includes all content previously released, with tons of improvement and tweaks. Content exclusive to SQUIDS Odyssey includes a new chapter that continues the adventure in the never-before-seen kingdom of Wakame, a new Squid warrior named Oktoku, and four new helmets. SQUIDS Odyssey can be downloaded for 12.99€ / $14.99 (or equivalent in local currency) from the Nintendo eShop. For more game details, visit:

About SQUIDS Since its first mobile release in 2011, SQUIDS has become a globally recognized brand with more than two million game downloads to date. A digital comic book series is underway from APE Entertainment and a children’s television series is in early production. Learn more about SQUIDS on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SquidsTheGame   SQUIDS Odyssey press assets: https://www.thegamebakers.com/vip About The Game Bakers An independent video game studio founded by industry veterans, The Game Bakers make games like they cook food: with a lot of care and a lot of love. After making a name for themselves with two SQUIDS RPGs and the brawler Combo Crew on mobile devices, the studio is turning their focus to console development starting with SQUIDS Odyssey for Wii U™ and Nintendo 3DS™. They are also working on an unannounced game to be released in 2014 alongside a major motion picture. To learn more, visit the company’s website at https://www.thegamebakers.com.   Nintendo 3DS and Wii U are trademarks of Nintendo. © 2012 Nintendo.   Contact Emily Morganti Public Relations Consultant thegamebakers@emilymorganti.com  

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