SQUIDS Comic Book is announced

Posted by on 07.09.12
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We are very happy – and a little bit proud since we are huge comic book fans – to announce that SQUIDS will be available on Comic Book in a near future. We can’t say much but we will explore much more about our favorite heroes stories, their adventures and their world in the comic book, which is an awesome format for that.

We really believe it is only the beginning of a series of announcement that should rejoice all Squids fans.

Check on our awesome partner APE Entertainment’s site for more information:

SQUIDS gets European Indie Game Days Art Direction Award

Posted by on 07.05.12
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Yes, we are happy to announce that SQUIDS has won this year’s Art Direction Award at the European Indie Game Days. We are especially proud as the competition was tough with many very talented teams and great games. And it was pretty nice to receive the prize on « le vieux port » in Marseille, while the sun was setting down on the mediterranean sea. You should see more coverage in the press (especially French) very soon. Official press release below. – – – Independent French studio The Game Bakers is proud to announce that their mobile RPG, SQUIDS, has won this year’s Art Direction Award at the European Indie Game Days, which took place July 2-3 in Marseille (http://www.eigd.org). Competing against a hundred of strong contenders produced by indie teams all over Europe, SQUIDS’ colorful graphical style, comical Squid heroes, and visually-rich underwater locations caught the attention of a jury made up of game industry greats (including Jeff Minter and Heather Kelley) to bring home the prize! In SQUIDS, players lead a team of stretchy heroes into epic battles against shellfish that have been infected by a terrible black ooze that threatens the Squids’ lush underwater kingdom. Thanks to its combination of role-playing and tactical gameplay, SQUIDS has won over players by offering a much richer experience than the usual mobile fare. With more than one million downloads so far, SQUIDS was the surprise hit of 2011 and has become a must-have game on iOS platforms. This award comes at the perfect time, because the art style that wowed players, critics, and the EIGD jury has just resurfaced in the latest installment of this epic saga, SQUIDS Wild West! Under the art direction of Jerome Renéaume, The Game Bakers have expanded the imaginative SQUIDS world to include new « old West » locations, new playable Squid characters, and exciting new gameplay. Just one week after its release for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, SQUIDS Wild West is climbing the App Store charts worldwide and is poised to follow in the footsteps of the popular original. SQUIDS and SQUIDS Wild West can be found on the App Store at the following links: SQUIDS: http://itunes.apple.com/app/squids/id467904350 SQUIDS Wild West: http://itunes.apple.com/app/squids-wild-west/id522145076

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