Help from around the world.

Posted by on 05.10.11
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There has been quite some activity on the team side. Get ready for a new world tour! Gregoire (Tours, France) joined the team to help on the code side, and Meredith (Montpellier, France) is also on board to work with Emeric on the Game and Level design and lends a hand in Marketing. We have also been very lucky to find the best musician for the game namely mister Romain (Paris, France), and Jeff (Irving, Texas) who is doing a pretty awesome sound design too. We will dedicate a special post to the sound subject. We also had some reinforcement on the Art side: great models from Thomas (Tokyo, Japan), the most expressive animations from Alain (Paris, France), some help from Yann on matte painting (Paris, France)… And Jay our master user interface is also on board from Quebec, Quebec. We also worked with Gao et Zhang from Shanghai, China on some code support, and Antoine from Montpellier, France lent a quick hand too. So who is following? That’s a total of 8 locations in 6 countries for our team. And that’s what one of our video conference calls on Skype looks like (some of them are sleeping).