Rediscover Furi – Onnamusha Update

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Rediscover Furi: Furi Update & Onnamusha DLC

The Onnamusha DLC will let you play as Onnamusha Rider, a powerful fighter that alternates between two stances: fast and agile or slower but lethal until she’s able to unleash the devastating power of the Star. The new gameplay mechanics bring new challenges, for a complete rediscovery of the game.

After Furi we needed a break from intense and fast paced action and we made Haven.
And after Haven we wanted to feel the thrill of combat again… So we worked on a little something during the summer.
We’ve read all the Furi fans messages and this request really stuck with us: “I wish I could forget Furi to discover it for the first time all over again”. We asked ourselves: how could we do that? Is there a way for players to rediscover Furi?

A couple of weeks later we were working on Onnamusha.

Furi Onnamusha

Onnamusha is a new playable character. It is Rider as a woman, but most importantly it’s a new fighter with a completely different playstyle. While the original game is very demanding but pretty simple in terms of abilities (you can dash, parry, slash and shoot), Onnamusha adds a layer of tactics by alternating two combat stances:

Spark: while in Spark stance, Rider is faster than ever, heals on parry and can double dash but deals weak damage.
Storm: in Storm stance, Rider is extremely lethal, but very slow and has a vulnerable jump roll.

It’s a different rhythm when playing with Onnamusha, as you’re always toggling between stances to optimize your damage and maximize your chances of avoiding hits.

But there’s more. When you make damage or parry successfully, you fill a special power gauge. It’s true in both stances, but while in Spark you will fill the gauge much faster. When the gauge is full, you can trigger the Star power and benefit from the best of the two worlds: be even faster and even deadlier.

And finally, another mechanic finishes to make Onnamusha a very fun and rich character to play: the burst mechanic. You get a boost in damage and defense just after you change stance, for a couple of seconds. In Spark stance, you’ll shoot many more bullets during burst. In Storm you’ll fire bigger and faster bullets. In both stances, your slashes will be deadlier. This makes it valuable to toggle stance frequently to take advantage of the power burst.

With these new combat skills, each bossfight can be approached with new strategies. You’ll have to decide when to deal damage with the Storm stance, when to toggle stances to benefit from the burst, when to use your Spark speed to defend, gain back some life or build up your Star power. And eventually, decide when is the perfect moment to use the power of the Star and destroy your opponent.

You can get the Onnamusha DLC (6.99$) and rediscover Furi with Onnamusha in Story mode, Speedrun mode (with dedicated leaderboards) and Practice mode.

In the Furi free update that is made available at the same time as the DLC, we have included all previous content that was released on the game, and in particular the previous “One More Fight” DLC with The Flame bossfight (and secret boss Bernard). We also updated the game in general and added new accessibility improvements with the ability to unlock trophies in Promenade Mode, an option to autocomplete Quick Time Events, and a couple of additional control schemes.

Rediscover Furi: Furi Update and Onnamusha DLC is available on PC, PS4, PS5 and Switch.

Go back stranger. We will bring you back.

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