Combo Crew becomes free forever

Posted by on 01.30.20
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Mr Boss is still there, bossing around! If you didn’t beat him already by chaining combos, now seems to be the right time.

As you may know, supporting a game is a lot of work. As developers, we make a game, test it, polish it, release it… and sometimes update it after launch. When it is stable, we think we can breathe, take some days off, and maybe, make another game. But reality isn’t as simple. A game that worked great at one point in time will eventually stop working. Not because we left a bug. Because new devices require an update, because there’s a new version of the OS, because the rules of the stores change… It’s not the game itself that’s buggy and stops working, it’s the environment that changes and breaks it. For us, the developer, it means days or weeks of extra work to keep the game working. This is what we call « support » and it’s also a significant amount of money to spend on a game. That’s why unless the game keeps making enough revenue, we can’t support it forever.

For instance, Combo Crew was removed from the Play Store. The same version that was approved a couple of years ago was removed, because the requirements changed, and it required too much work to update it. It’s still available on iOS, but at one point, it might not work on Apple devices as well.
We are working hard to close our next Consoles and PC game, Haven, and we can’t spend too much time and money to work on our beloved 2013 mobile game… But because we love Combo Crew and want people to keep playing it, we decided to make it free!

So, as for today, Combo Crew is available for free on the Apple App Store, and we’ll just host the Android .apk file on our server.

Download Combo Crew on the Apple App Store
Download the Combo Crew apk for Android devices
To install the apk on your device, you may need to allow the installation of unknown sources.

– As our agreement with Capcom ended, the Capcom characters (Viewtiful Joe + Street Fighter) are not playable in this version.
– In App Purchases will not work (note: they were never needed to play and finish the game, so no worries on this side. They were just shortcuts.)

Have fun with the game!
The Game Bakers

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