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23 May, 2013



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In a world where a fist to the face is a perfectly viable solution, Mr. Boss has it all. Now he wants to break the greatest fighters ever! Trapped in his giant tower, you must fight your way to the top to take him down! Inspired by classics like Streets of Rage, Final Fight, and Street Fighter, Combo Crew is pure rumble with no virtual buttons to mess up your moves. Touch controls are smooth, responsive, and easy to learn: one-finger swipe to punch / kick, tap to counter, and two-finger swipes for special combos. When your super combo gauge fills up, all hell breaks loose—beat down the bad guys with hectic in-your-face combo streaks! Play this action-packed brawler alone or call in your whole crew! You can rescue online friends from KO (or have them rescue you) and compete for high scores on global leaderboards. Quick melee brawls in arena-style levels make Combo Crew perfect for intense bursts of gaming on the go. But with hundreds of missions, unlockables, and an endless mode, you’ll keep coming back for more. To add to the fun, legendary video game characters have joined the crew and are ready for the fight: Ryu, Chun Li, Ken and Blanka from Street Fighter 2, Joe from Viewtiful Joe and Lester Knight from Another world. A whole range of fighting styles and unique combos!


Do you remember these arcade brawlers like Final Fight, Streets of Rage, Double Dragon? Of course you do. They are Combo Crew grandmas and grandpas. With Combo Crew, we wanted to pay homage to these old school beat'em all, but we didn't want to straight port the gameplay to mobile. Combo Crew was born when we noticed that NO game on the App Store delivered a beat'em all experience with touch controls. All games had messy virtual pads. The closer thing to a beat'em all with good touch controls we found was... Fruit Ninja! Hidden in the design there is also a tribute to God Hand, a little known gem from Shinji Mikami, in which instead of having to memorize tons of combos you can unlock moves and set them on a predefined control scheme. Genius :).


  • Fight with your fingers: slash enemies to trigger crazy combos, tap to guard. A modern beat ’em up with no virtual D-pad!
  • The first mobile brawler with asynchronous multiplayer across devices. Rescue your friends, or be rescued by them!
  • A true arcade experience with a great combo system and super moves.
  • Several heroes with unique combat styles and more than 80 moves to master.
  • Ryu, Chun Li, Ken and Blanka from Street Fighter™ 2, Joe from Viewtiful Joe™ and Lester from Another world have joined the crew [The Capcom characters require in-app purchase].
  • Hundreds of missions - complete them solo or compete for high scores against online friends.
  • An endless scoring mode, unlockables, and collectibles - a ton of replay value.
  • Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian.
  • Best experience on iPad 2 and above or iPhone 4S and above.


Launch Trailer YouTube

Viewtiful Joe in Combo Crew YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Apple's Editor choice" May 2013

Selected Articles

  • "Combo Crew could very well be the definite beat-em up of the mobile age of gaming."
    - Mike Fahey, Kotaku
  • "The Game Bakers has proven once again that when it comes to working with touchscreen hardware it's a couple of moves ahead of the pack."
    - Harry Slater, PocketGamer.co.uk
  • "It feels wonderful. Mashing is nonexistent and input responsiveness is tight. Furiously scribbling your finger over enemies to string them into supers is a cathartic release."
    - Kris Goorhuis, Touch Arcade

Original Soundtrack
Available from Romain Gauthier's Bandcamp ninomojo.bandcamp.com.


The Game Bakers is an independent video game studio founded by Emeric Thoa and Audrey Leprince. To sum it up they often say that they make games like they cook food: with a lot of love. They want to create that experience that players remember, that they will have fantasies about long after the game is finished, and that makes them feel alive and energized. The studio is based in Montpellier in France but they work with a team of collaborators around the world. Their upcoming game is their cosy RPG HAVEN due for 2020. They previously released their frenzied boss battle only game FURI on all platforms, and before that their tactical RPG underwater series SQUIDS ODYSSEY and mobile brawler COMBO CREW.

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Emeric Thoa
Creative Director, The Game Bakers

Audrey Leprince
Executive Producer, The Game Bakers

Nam Hoang
Technical Director, Programmer, The Game Bakers

Simon Troussellier
Artistic Director, Freelancer

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